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Carl and I aren't your typical couple. It started with a Tweet. He mentioned me one random night, a year and half ago, asking me what my Twitter name stood for and then our friendship took off. I was finishing my senior year of undergraduate study when tragedy took us both by surprise. I lost a close friend and Carl lost his mentor and Uncle. Although I lived in Maryland and Carl lived in New York, we never felt closer to each other. We bonded and before I knew it we were skyping, making weekend trips to see each other and meeting each other's families. I graduated from college started working and now we are both career driven professionals in our 20s.


1. We appreciate the small things and we always let each other know how we feel.



2. WE LOVE TO LAUGH and we have no problem making fools of ourselves.




 First Date.JPG


3.  We have love based on understanding, faith and commitment.





We got engaged on New Years Day 2012 and the wedding is set for August 2013 at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Resort in Jamaica. cheer2.gif



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Hi there.


I met my husband to be, wow, it will be 7 years this summer.

I always like to start by saying we met on the corner of the street. (I always get some reaction) It's the truth though. During the summer before my final year in college I had a job at an architecture firm a few blocks away from my house. Every day I walked to work, always taking the same route. I became familiar with the frequent morning traffic and couldn't help but notice the bright red 2005 mustang that drove by me every day at the same time. Always coming at my back I could never see the driver. He worked at the shop on the corner. This went on for a couple weeks. Then one day on my walk home he was waiting by his car. I was getting a bit nervous as he was watched me cross the street towards him ( I can be kinda klutzy with my own feet). As I got closer he walked up and introduced himself. Then it was like an interview, 21 questions, age/ occupation/ pass times the usual. I guess I passed because he asked for my number. I found this oddly intriguing so I gave it to him. We had our first date about 2 weeks later, after many late night talks. Even though our relationship had a slow start I new it would be something amazing, It's taken a little longer then I would've liked to get here but I couldn't be happier that we are finially getting married. Chris was never the guy I would have imagined, years ago, falling in love with, but the heart wants what it wants. And I can't wait for the life ahead of us.


Here are a few pic of us. Photos of our wedding is extremely important as I'm sure they are for any bride. But it wasn't until I got engaged and began trying to put together photos of us for our website did I realize how little photos we actually take together. I've attached 2 of which I found on facebook taken from friends. These are probably the best ones out of maybe 10 that I've been able to dig up so far. For 7 years of being together that's embarrassing. C&M @ Chantals Wedding.jpgC&M @ Jenn and Ian B&D.jpg

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Here is a story from AFoltz13: (She somehow couldn't get onto the forum!)



My fiance Blake and I met over 4 years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party and I was instantly hooked! After that night though he didn't really seem interested in getting to know me but I was always asking our friends about him. When my birthday finally rolled around about 6 months later I begged my friend to invite him to our little get together. After he finally realized how awesome I really am, he asked me out on our first date! Since my name is Ariel, I've always had a love for anything Disney and on April 20, 2008 he asked me to be his little mermaid <3First Cubs game together!

Our first Cubs game together!


On January 13, 2010 Blake proposed to me and it is actually a pretty embarrassing story! I had had a pretty crummy day at work and I was feeling rather grumpy when I got home from work. When I walked in the door I was on the phone with my sister and when I got to our hallway I found a trail of rose petals and after peaking into the living room squeaked out O CRAP! and ran for the bathroom! After hyperventilating for a few seconds while my sister was saying what what WHAT?! in my ear I finally got out that I thought Blake was proposing to me! To which she said GET BACK OUT THERE! After about 5 more minutes of trying to calm down I made my way sheepishly back into the living room where Blake had been waiting for me the whole time, still down on one knee. He had the living room decorated in rose petals and I (heart) U on the floor where he was kneeling. I sat down on his knee and because of all of the excitement I can't even tell you what he said! All I remember is saying YES! I would love to marry him!



At the time of our engagement I had just found out that I would be losing my job at a school at the end of the year due to state educational budget cuts. We decided it would be a good idea for me to go back to school to study pre-vet to get my dream job, since now I would be marrying my dream man. Since Blake had a pretty great job and loved where he was working, I ended up moving over 5 hours away from him. It turned out to be a lot harder than we expected so after the first year there I transferred to a school that is now only 2 hours away. We still only get to see each other every few weekends but it is so much better than every few months! Because of all the decisions we made for my education and Blake's job, we had to sacrifice putting our wedding on hold but the time is finally here for us! As I said earlier, I have a pretty crazy love for Disney so we decided we would get married on a Disney Cruise Wedding that sets sail on June 16, 2013. We can't possibly be any happier to finally start planning our happily ever after!


  360   166

From our 4 year anniversary we just celebrated this month

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Shot through the heart.....








I was 25 years old when I met the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with.  I was a happily independant woman living on my own and enjoying my freedom when this young prince came out of no where to sweep me off my feet.  I was out to dinner with one of my cousins when one of her friends came over to talk to her.  I never saw this guy before and we live in a small town where everyone knows each other.  It took one look to make that spark between us and after sharing one dance we decided to pursue what we never knew to be the rest of our lives.  We were both young and enjoying life when this unexpected love came out of no where.  Almost as if Cupid paid us a visit. Now, 11 years, 2 gorgeous boys and one happy home later, we have decided to make the everlasting vow to each other, the one which we've known all along! 


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Originally Posted by Anxious View Post

I'm sorry but I tried to upload these cute photobooth pics that I had but for some reason it won't let me!  Hope this does not work against my submission.


Hi Anxious,  I added one of the pics to your post...you just need to use the "insert image" button which is next to the movie reel button...

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Hello future brides ( Chris and Nora too of course msnwink.gif). My name is Sara, my fiance Dan and I met back in highschool, he was nearing the end of his senior year and I was a sophomore. I remember he was working at starbucks and I had the BIGGEST crush on him. Needless to say I started studying at starbucks alot more often. I would act like a typical teenage girl and tell my friends how Dan the starbucks guy is just sooo cute! Come to find out we actually had several mutual friends, he's just one of those genuine guys that everyone likes because he is just so kind hearted. When we officially met I was heading to my art partners locker to drop off a project and guess who turned out to be his best friend and locker buddy...... sure enough it was Dan.

    After our first date I was so excited. We started as an exclusive couple the night of his prom (May 30, 2002). We all sat down to dinner when he asked me to check under his napkin to see if he had my coat check ticket in his wallet, when i lifted the napkin it was a little felt box, he bought me a beautiful past present and future pendant. How romantic for a highschool guy right?!

    We got enaged this past christmas eve, it was such a shock. We've always talked about marriage like it was inevitable, but I definately didnt see it coming! We host christmas eve dinner at our home every year since we bought our house, which was 4 years ago. We figured it was a nice tradition to start for when we have children so we dont have to juggle his family and mine. So the proposal was wonderful because it was in front of our loved ones. His mother actually recorded it. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DxC7ABE2Vdhs&h=5AQH_gHrR I actually hated the way I looked, been a long day of cleaning and just finished dinner but what the heck, I can share!

    It's hard to believe that we are approaching the 10 year mark of our relationship this upcoming May! We have large families and good amount of guests to attend a wedding so in order to keep my stress level wayyy down and to avoid a huge financial cost of a big wedding we are to be married February 23, 2013 in Riviera Maya at the Barcelo maya palace! We are going to have about 50 guests at the wedding, the planning is so fun and I love how laid back I am about everything. I am so excited to have the man of my dreams and cannot wait to marry my highschool sweetheart! I am truly the luckiest woman on the planet!


284811_1439126074746_1730877433_657270_3    281511_1439149035320_1730877433_657395_4



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    • I agree. Ive been with my now husband of 17yrs since his kids were 7,8, and 9yrs old. They are now 30,31, and 32. They have always been treated as if they were one of my own so to call him ask him to give you away tell him your going to call me with details. Those details were me and our children who are her siblings arent invited is beyond rude. When he says hes not coming cause im not invited and you send a text saying hey il guess ill have to let you come and expect that to happen is even worse. Im good just after he does make whatever choice he makes to go and he better make the right one that respects his marriage so problems dont arise. Please miss step daughter dont ever come to my home again dont call either one of us either. Your married and as far as im concerned dead. Stay away from me and my family that you have no respect for. I wish you the best in life as i always have. Im done PERIOD!!! 
    • Out of curiosity, how have the bags held up?  Did the transfer peel?
    • All those dresses are looking really great actually! I still remember back when my little brother got married. Oh, I was sooo proud, I cried out of happiness almost the entire wedding! I wore a dress similar to the second one you posted.
    • Thanks for the reply! I will keep you as much updated as possible! Only realised that I made a lot of typos because it was late at night and a lot to write!  Moving forward, I have asked one of the 2 to be my best man to which he gladly accepted so no issues there! I asked someone else to be part of the groomsmen too and he accepted right away! I have told everyone in the groomsmen (Barring W) about the situation and they are all disappointed in A and W. Right now I am having problems with W being the groomsmen after his comments so I want to remove him from it. Some days I feel like talking to him about the situation but at the same time I feel like a dick and remove him without telling him 🤣  It still has been really quiet from this lot which made me started with the new plan. I have given everyone a plus 1 from the other side of the world. Then I have the remaining spaces left out to who all said yes straight away! Should have done that in the first place haha! Like I said I feel like planning on the new plan without telling the original people about this. It feels to me they do not want to come but scared to say anything. Then again if I carry on with this new plan the majority of the UK side wouldn't even notice.
    • So long story short I want to have my wedding in Jamaica in December. However, it's booked up. So next option is Cancun. I am going to be doing a Tamil Sri Lankan South Asian wedding. I want a 5 star hotel.  I was set on Royalton as that is where I always go and love it. However, it seems really pricy for the wedding. I am looking to have 30-40 people.  I want to spend the least amount of money ... Doesn't everyone!  I want to know what 5 star chain or resort provides the best deals for weddings? I would love to know about Moon Palace( I can't get a hold of anyone!)  If there are any other ones please let me know!  
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