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Nora and Chris Photography Contest - Free Destination Wedding Photography

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This contest is CLOSED.

Nora and Chris will be contacting all of the finalists personally. 

Thank you for entering!

 To see who won, view the video on Page 5!


There's nothing better than the perfect love story. Nora and Chris of Nora & Chris Photography have their own!


Meet the photographers:



BDW Members, this is where you come in!!  Are you interested in having your destination wedding photographed for FREE (less travel expenses)? Enter this contest and you may be the lucky winner!


What's your love story? How did you meet your Prince Charming? Here's how to enter:


  • Respond to this thread with your love story and be sure to make it creative! Videos, poems, and pictures are welcome!
  • Like Nora and Chris Photography on Facebook. Click here to view their Facebook page. (Optional)


We look forward to reading and/or viewing your love story. 

This contest runs through May 4th and is now open to 2012 and 2013 brides! Be sure to enter now and good luck!


Want to learn more about Nora and Chris and view some of their work? Visit their Showcase Page and Website.


Contest Rules

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I met my fiance Don at a casino that just opened up not too far from where I live.  It was the day after Christmas and I was feeling a little down since it was the first holiday since my previous boyfriend and I broke up.  I tried to get a group of friends to come out with me, but everyone was spending time with their boyfriends or husbands, so I ended up going alone.  I'm pretty outgoing, so I just struck up a random conversation with an older couple who was standing in the club inside the casino. After talking to them for some time, I found out they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  I told them how much I admired them and how wonderful it is that couples stay together that long and I ended up spilling out all of my emotions to this couple about how I was so heartbroken and that I was never getting married.....you know, all of the stuff women feel after a horrible breakup. 


Well, only a few minutes later, a waitress brings me over a drink and told me it was from the gentleman across the bar.  I politely waved to say "thank you" and carried on with my conversation.  Next thing I know, this man approaches me.  The look on the older couples face was the look of surprise and delight as I accepted an invitation for conversation with this man. 


I hung out with him and his friend for the rest of the night and had a blast.  I totally forgot how I was feeling only an hour prior to meeting him.  We laughed and we danced and then he took me out to breakfast.  We went home only to text each other until the sun came up that morning. 


Our first date was on New Years Eve, 2009, after he asked me out by sending me the lyrics for "What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve" by Harry Connick, Jr. 


In August of 2010 we went on vacation to Disney World - our favorite place!   Our second day there, we planned on going to the Magic Kingdom to have breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends.  This was an absolute must since Piglet is my favorite.  I was really looking forwad to this day and he knew it. 


The morning of our arrival, we walked along Main Street in search of finding the perfect photographer to take our picture in front of the Cinderella's Castle.  I kept running over to the photographer I thought was close enough and he kept insisting that we get closer.  Finally after what seemed liked he was being so picky to just have our picture done, Don went up to the photographer handed her the photo pass and whispered a few things in her ear.  She had a huge smile on her face as she was snapping away.  The next thing I know, Don asks me if I knew how much I loved him.  As I turned around to answer him, he was getting down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. With what seemed like everyone standing around us, I bent down and kissed him and screamed "yes, I will be your wife".  Everyone cheered and clapped with excitement.  The rest of the day was so magical and something that I have never felt before.  I truly felt like Cinderella for the rest of the day at the Magic Kingdom.  Little did I know, that on that lonely night, on December 26, 2009, I would meet my prince charming.  Dreams really do come true!!! 


We will be married in Montego Bay, Jamaica on 11-12-13!!















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Our love story - a chance meeting...


A couple months after I had broken up with a long time love, I was coerced to take a road trip from Seattle to a very small town named Sweet Home in Oregon, about 4 1/2 hours away. I didn't want to go, especially since my best friend was going to meet up with her boyfriend. I mean who wants to be a third wheel after a break up? But being the good friend I am, I made the trip with her and after a long time in the car we arrived in the middle of no where. Literally. Her boyfriend at the time lived on a giant hill overlooking the small town. It was absolutely gorgeous. When it came time to go out that night I made it clear I didn't want to be that awkward "third person" sitting in the corner alone. I pleaded with them to find me anyone who I could hang out with. Guy, girl, didn't matter! I remember her boyfriend, Willy, looking through his phone to find any single men. He came to "Kolon". I told him I would not go out with a guy named "Kolon" (Pronounced Colon). It turns out he has spelled Colin's name wrong in his phone. He called Colin up and asked if he wanted to go shoot pool that night and agreed to meet us. The funny part is, Willy hadn't seen Colin in over a year. Later that night we headed out to Albany, a larger town, so we could have a few drinks and play pool. We had a great time and decided we would meet up the next day to swim in Willy's pond and go out to lunch.


The next day Colin met us and we had the most amazing time. We swam, hung out and got to know each other. He was such a smart, caring and funny person and had the most amazing goals in life. He was motivate to become a chiropractor and go into business with his family chiropractic office. I remember thinking what a great husband he'd make one day but never would have thought I'd be marrying him. I never expected or wanted to meet anyone on this trip, especially since it was so far away form the place I grew up. Turns out, we fell in love over a long distance relationship and a year later we both made the move to Portland. Colin was in Chiropractic college for the first three years of our relationship which wasn't easy. I started my career as a sign language interpreter in a new town, with no friends or family. It was challenging but everything worked out in the end and we made the move to the small town of Albany to start Colin's career! We've now been together for seven, yes seven, years and are more than ready to get married and start a family! We've waited a long time for this to make sure we have all our "ducks in a row". Now that we're settled, more mature and know we're meant to be together, it's time! Our dream is to get married in Turks and Caicos next Spring and can't wait to have the wedding of our dreams!




Colin and I at my best friends wedding 5 months after we met.



At my sister's wedding 2 years ago. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride...until now!



On our first trip to Hawaii together in February!

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I wish I wasn't already married!  What a great contest for future brides!

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Ben and I originally met in the Spring of 2002. He was in training to become law enforcement and I was working on the administrative side of the same agency at the training academy. A mutual friend of ours from college suggested that we meet just as a courtesy. You see, he and I did not attend college at the same time, I started the fall after he graduated. The one day we spoke in 2002, I wasn't impressed, I was just saying hello because our mutual friend knew we were working in the same place.  I automatically looked at him and told myself he wasn't my type! Not only that, he was moving to Miami for work and I lived in Maryland at the time. We did not speak again after that day. 

Fast forward 7 years, and Ben and I met again in July 2010 again at the training academy! By this time, I had become law enforcement and moved to New York City.  I was home in Maryland for a week and decided to go over to the training academy to workout and meet a friend for lunch.  The friend that I was meeting came outside to meet me and asked if Ben could tag along because they had just gotten out of a class together and Ben had recently moved to Maryland from Miami. After we were re-introduced, we went to lunch together. Again, I did not think he was "my type" and therefore did not see anything romantic happening. That afternoon at lunch, Ben was quite charming and funny and the three of us had a nice time. I walked away from lunch thinking that he and I could be pretty good friends, but I didn't see us dating.  A few day later I returned to New York, and continued with my single life and single mentality.  About a week later, I started receiving e-mails from him at 5am.  Initially I was polite and didn't curse him out for waking me up, but eventually I had to let him know I needed to sleep! He managed to keep me engaged in emails for another 2 hours, and the next thing you know I had to get up and go to work. From that day forward, a day didn't go by where we didn't talk, text, etc. He won me over, and I was a done deal!


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Hi Everyone!


I met the love of my life a little over two years ago!


My ex of 6 years and I broke up while we were living in Hawaii (good thing because it was not a good relationship and I never thought I would find the perfect man, let alone DESERVE the perfect man), about three months before I moved back to Washington State, I dated a surfer guy and one of his favorite bands was this local Seattle rock band (he was from Seattle as well- small world and actually knew the band members). I didn't really know much about rock music but I added them on myspace and thought was that.


A few weeks later I posted that I was moving back to Seattle (and I had stopped dating the surfer) and about a day later I got an email from one of the band guys saying I should check out their show coming up. Of course I responded, not thinking much of it. About 2 weeks after moving from Hawaii I made plans to go to this show on Friday the 13th, 2009 in Seattle. I took my sister with me and we set out for our first real rock show.


While we were walking around and laughing with each other a cute guy came up to me and introduced himself as Kelly from the band. I was a little surprised because he was really cute and I just felt totally out of my element. After talking for about an hour I felt that I was taking away his time from everyone else (a few girls came up to him and hugged him- I was not used to men like this), so my sister and I excused ourselves and went to grab a drink. About 10 minutes goes by and Kelly comes back again and we start chatting for about 30 minutes. Again, the same thing happened and I just felt badly for taking more of his time so my sister and I decided to leave the show and go home. While we were walking away, Kelly comes up to us and asks for my phone number! Of course I gave it to him. And the very next day he called! I hadn't been on a real date in the longest time so I wasn't sure the rules of dating but I was surprised he called me and didn't text, like all men do now it seems. When he called, he asked to take me out to dinner...which then led to another dinner date and then 4 dinner dates. He was always so polite- a true gentleman. Something I was not used to!


I learned that Kelly comes from a wonderful family who's parents haven been married for 40 years as of last week, he has a great job for a marketing company, he has great friends, he is very polite, has a huge heart, he is loving, amazing with kids, very supportive, great communicator, very smart AND funny, and the list just goes on! At first I was intimidated by the fact that he is in a band but it turns out that they all have children and most are married. They practice once a week and very rarely play shows but when they do, it brings me back to the time that we first met on Friday the 13th. An unlucky day for most but the most luckiest days for me!


With Kelly's HUGE heart and love for me he surprised me last month with a trip to New Orleans! We just moved into a condo together after dating for 2 years, he asked me to go downstairs to get a box out of the car to unpack. I went down to get it thinking, "you have huge muscles, why aren't you getting it?" When I came back up stairs I handed it to him but he said to open it...I only saw two pieces of paper...he said to read it...it was our itinerary for New Orleans...leaving the very next day! I was so shocked and overwhelmed! He actually called my boss and cleared my schedule a month in advance! When we arrived in New Orleans we stayed in the French Quarter...while we were walking around that evening we stopped in front of a beautiful Catholic Cathedral...as I was taking pictures...he told me I was his best friend and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I was again in shock and said "of course". Apparently his whole family, my family, and a few friends knew about this! It is so wonderful because our family gets along so well!!!! I love them like they are already family!


My father passed away when I was 15 years old so it's hard to know that my big day with everyone that I love, including the love of my life will be in one place but not my father. It saddens me to know that he will never meet Kelly. Kelly is a very special, loving, romantic, thoughtful to the T man and I know my father would have loved him. I think in some small way my father brought us together. I just find it crazy how I was in such a bad relationship for so long and then just two weeks after moving to another state, I meet the love of my life who treats me SO well....I just don't hear of that to often!


I never thought after being with the wrong person for 6 years, and quickly meeting Kelly would have ever led to this much happiness. I am truly blessed!


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Originally Posted by JayKay View Post

I wish I wasn't already married!


You might want to be careful where you say that! ;)


The other day, Nora, my fiancee, said to me in a conversation about moving some furniture: "Yeah, I am married to it... But not THAT married."

...I hope she gets THAT married to me!




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