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  1. They have the wedding coordinator on staff now. I'm being told that she will start responding to e-mails when the hotel opens Nov. 1st ( but has been posted to open a day earlier on the 31st) She is currently discussing menu options and decor with the hotel chef. I'm hoping shes pulling together some photos displaying the wedding areas (gazebo, gardens and beach). I guess we'll see soon enough. I'm also hoping to get some samples of the resort's photographers work. I've been receiving a good response from the resort, but since i can't actually talk to the wedding coordinator i've been only asking more resort related question; like the cost of a day pass for vendors or night pass, things along that line.
  2. I think it only goes to 40 guest then its extra. OVP WEDDINGS 1213.pdf
  3. The temporary office is up and running now. I've already been confirmed for April 12th 2013.. Super excited.. I get my dress sometime in this coming week. I sure feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now to start figuring out the details.
  4. August 5th.. good to hear. We will be a small group just immediate family and our closest friends. So at most 16 people. I haven't thought about a private room for a reception but that would be worth looking into. We are planning to do the first package for ten and then depending on the extra heads we will pay the extra. Someone else i've been talking to mentioned that at another resort in varadero they charge an extra $45 a person for a private room. So i'm sure Oceans will be comparable.
  5. No I have not talked to them about the photographer yet. Since i'm still waiting to hear if they have a coordinator on staff. I am booked and am planning my wedding date for the 12th of April. I just need this confirmed by the Coordinator. I've been told they will have a temporary office set up for august. So hopefully i'll be able to confirm this soon. I've been in contact with the Cuban wedding photography and videography. I like they're packages, you get an hour off the resort at the dupont house with an old vehicle, very cool.
  6. For those of you who are interested you can find this hotel on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OceanVaraderoAqua or http://www.h10hotels.com/en/hotel/cuba-hotels/ocean-varadero-el-patriarca.html. The person I have been in contact with says there should be a start up team available for wedding planning by the end of july.
  7. All their website is up now, they are opening October 2012 and I am booked for April 2013 wedding date the 12th. If anyone else is interested see the following link www.oceanvaraderoelpatriarca.net
  8. Thanks. He did good, that's for sure. I'm thinking all go with something simple for the band, no dimonds (I like bling my not too much). Maybe some design with the metal? I'll go back to the jewler who designed my ring and talk to her, see if she has any suggestions. We will probably go back to her for both our band. We are very happy with her work.
  9. Nice choice LlKirK1010 ! I had that one as my favorite forever but couldn't find it anywear and then fell in love with another. I chose something very different then this in the end. You'll have to post picks, I'd love to see how it looks on.
  10. My Ring! My Fiance designed it ! I made sure he was heading in the right direction - the choices he pointed out casually in the stores were not my style.. The engagement itself, even though I sorta knew he was shopping around, still came as a big surprise.
  11. Glad to see i'm not the only one facing this issue. I'm also planning for April 2013 in cuba. I'd really like to try for the Oceans Varadero but it doesn't even open until end of summer/early fall. Although they are booking for next april already they don't have anyone on staff to take wedding bookings yet. Since it'll be a small ceremony of about 10 people my fiance and I are considering waiting it out. Good to know prices will drop a little more in June. Then maybe another resort will sway our decision. How long before the wedding does the actual planning begin? I understand you want to book the date to make sure you get the date you want. But back and forth with the wedding planner? 6 months before the date? 3 month??
  12. I'm interested in the new Oceans Varadero El Patriaca in Cuba. It opens this summer and they are booking for next April (2013) which is when I'd like to have my wedding. I've been looking for someone to contact regarding this and can't seem to find anyone. They don't have it yet up on the main Ocean H10 website, however, they have a facebook page and I've left a post there and hopefully someone will respond as I've noticed other responses to other posts on the page. If anyone has any info on this resort or knows who to contact, that would be a big help. Meagan
  13. Hi Jessica, I've checked out the website and looked at the packages. Since my fiance and I want to keep it fairly small we'd be looking at the 15 person package. Is there some sort of option package you can send me that will have pictures of the ceremony locations at this resort? and what about photographers is there one onsite? or in the area? If I were to decide to go with this resort for my wedding. Would you be doing the arrangements? and would that be included in the package or extra fee? I think thatit for now thanks Meagan
  14. Hi Julia, I'll be very interested in your experience at this resort. I am looking into this one for my destination wedding next April. I've read a few mixed reviews on the actual resort. Look forward to your post. Meagan
  15. Hi there. I met my husband to be, wow, it will be 7 years this summer. I always like to start by saying we met on the corner of the street. (I always get some reaction) It's the truth though. During the summer before my final year in college I had a job at an architecture firm a few blocks away from my house. Every day I walked to work, always taking the same route. I became familiar with the frequent morning traffic and couldn't help but notice the bright red 2005 mustang that drove by me every day at the same time. Always coming at my back I could never see the driver. He worked at the shop on the corner. This went on for a couple weeks. Then one day on my walk home he was waiting by his car. I was getting a bit nervous as he was watched me cross the street towards him ( I can be kinda klutzy with my own feet). As I got closer he walked up and introduced himself. Then it was like an interview, 21 questions, age/ occupation/ pass times the usual. I guess I passed because he asked for my number. I found this oddly intriguing so I gave it to him. We had our first date about 2 weeks later, after many late night talks. Even though our relationship had a slow start I new it would be something amazing, It's taken a little longer then I would've liked to get here but I couldn't be happier that we are finially getting married. Chris was never the guy I would have imagined, years ago, falling in love with, but the heart wants what it wants. And I can't wait for the life ahead of us. Here are a few pic of us. Photos of our wedding is extremely important as I'm sure they are for any bride. But it wasn't until I got engaged and began trying to put together photos of us for our website did I realize how little photos we actually take together. I've attached 2 of which I found on facebook taken from friends. These are probably the best ones out of maybe 10 that I've been able to dig up so far. For 7 years of being together that's embarrassing.
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