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  1. Hello ladies, my wedding day is getting closer and closer so I wanted to get back in on the forum, it's been a while! I am getting married February 23rd! Can't hardly wait! We r having trouble w the grooms attire though. Do any of you have recommendations on where to find light khaki pants w a matching vest to buy? Don't want them to have to wear a suit but looks like it might come down to that!
  2. I know that they will do wedding packages alacart but sometimes it is cheaper to go with the bare minimum package and just do the add ons of what you want and dont want. My WC Xhail is wonderful and always answers any questions... we have changed our package a bit but for the most part just went with the added perks of the massages and pampering etc. I would get in touch with one of the WC's there and just see what you can work out, they are very flexible. Also the wedding video was amazing Mike Cantarell... I am interested in using your services as well so I will be in touch soon. Hoping the
  3. CONGRATS!! I hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be. I'm sure Chris and Nora will capture everything for you! Chris and Nora, you guys seem like a blast lol. We will definately be checking out the what its worth website tonight!
  4. Hello future brides ( Chris and Nora too of course ). My name is Sara, my fiance Dan and I met back in highschool, he was nearing the end of his senior year and I was a sophomore. I remember he was working at starbucks and I had the BIGGEST crush on him. Needless to say I started studying at starbucks alot more often. I would act like a typical teenage girl and tell my friends how Dan the starbucks guy is just sooo cute! Come to find out we actually had several mutual friends, he's just one of those genuine guys that everyone likes because he is just so kind hearted. When we officially met I w
  5. Review some of the earlier posts on here, some girls have left some useful information!
  6. Thank you so much! That was a thorough review definately! Thorough is good. This forum is so useful I am hooked! I just feel like I lose track of where I found things lol. I emailed the photographer, his work is beautiful! Hopefully he is with in my idea of the photography budget. On facebook he said he already has a ton of closings for 2013 so hoping his rates didnt jump sky high! I am not even sure what I am willing to pay at the moment to be honest! Wish me luck!! Thanks again! Sara
  7. meant to say "well our wedding is officially booked" also meant to add we went with 2pm because the W.C recommended that time for adequate lighting for photographer.. she said it was the best time for that time of year for photos during the ceremony and before and after. Just something for you to think about to discuss with the WC to help ya out
  8. we our wedding is officially booked!! We are getting married at 2pm February 23, 2013! So excited now that I have everything set! We went with the strawberry passion package. We will be having some add ons eventually, I love how flexible it is to just add what you want! Now I have to just worry about photography! Eeek! I fell in love with a photographer from the area I just have a feeling it is going to be out of the budget Does anyone know what the rates are for the resort photographer? Just so hard to get an idea. Just so all of you have a little added comfort, when we were trying to choose
  9. Hey Amber! Congrats to you! How did you go about your booking?? I cannot seem to do anything online at this point, did you go thru a travel agency? I am so excited about it but it's not completely set yet and I am worried I wont be able to! My fiance and I have had conflicting schedules lately so hard to do anything together! Which hotel are you staying at? We are having a hard time choosing which one we want because they are all so beautiful! Talk to you soon!
  10. also ladies sorry i haven't responded til now, hadn't been on the forum but i will be on every day again!
  11. hey ladies! Glad we will be able to chat about our plans!! Congrats to you both as well!! We plan to be married February 23, 2013. We haven't been able to book yet tho. Leanne when did you book? My mother in law to be said it looked like we couldn'tbegin booking until the 9 months out. I am soo excited to be married there but so nervous about waiting to book, especially when I need to send save the dates out earlier the better with accomodation information since it is a destination wedding. Congrats again to you both! So excited to start the planning!
  12. Hello ladies!! I am planning to get married at Barcelo Maya Palace in Riviera Maya in February of 2013! Would love any advice/feedback on any past experiences. To any brides planning to be married there this upcoming year, hoping we can all communicate and share as well!
  13. Hello ladies, Im hoping to be married there as well in january 2013. Have any of you had any luck finding more pricing information or wedding package information? I am terribly impatient and still waiting to hear back from someone there! Thank you!!
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