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  1. Hello from sunny, hot, humid Cancun. Chris and I are here until the 22nd of October, we have a few weddings booked. However, if you are interested in having us photograph your wedding, or a TTD shoot during our time here, please message us. We could work out some really great rates for you!!! xoxo Nora.
  2. There are four Riu's in Cancun. 1) Riu Palace Peninsula - Newest Riu in Cancun, nice interior, modern and very art deco. 2) Riu Palace Las Americas - GORGEOUS interior, old colonial style pillars with painted dome ceilings and giant chandeliers. 3) Riu Caribe - Next door to the Rui Peninsula. Older hotel, still nice. 4) Riu Cancun - Beautiful interior, older style hotel also. To be honest, if you are getting married in Cancun and are looking at a RIU, the most beautiful one is Las Americas. xoxo Nora.
  3. Thanks Fabi. This is really exciting for us. We have very limited number of bookings available for this project. xo Nora.
  4. Thank you so much for starting this thread. And there is some great information for brides too!!! Here is our approach to every wedding that we do. 1) Our wedding packages are unlimited hours. We find it really important to tell the entire story of your day. We don't want to tell just part of the story. We want to document the Getting Ready, The Ceremony, Portraits, Cake cutting, bouquet toss, (Garter Toss) and all of the moments in between. You have already invested in us being there, we might as well stay the whole time to document the day you spent so much time putting time and effort and paying attention to all the little details. 2) We include a complimentary TTD (Rock the Frock) session with all of our packages. Normally this happens the next day, and it is really beautiful. It gives you and your new Husband (or Bride) to be a chance to enjoy each other's company. We can go to the beach, through the jungle, and anywhere to really make this magic happen. It is complimentary, and we LOVE this part! 3) There are ALWAYS two photographers at your wedding. Chris and I work as a team, we are engaged and have practiced the art of telephathy. (kind of). But we GET each other, and we work well together. Chris climbs trees, I lay down in the sand, and together we work really hard to get the important photos. 4) It is not the equipment that makes the photographer, it is true, and Chris and I use the top of the line Canon L series lenses, and Canon bodies. (this is for the camera buffs out there). We have taken the time to KNOW our equipment VERY well. We use flashes that are off camera with wireless triggers, we use the best filters for our cameras, and we have really gotten to know how to read light. We have studied how light works with our equipment, the best scenarios for different lighting situations and really tried to NAIL every photograph that we take. (We have a boudoir studio at home, so we are always taking photos, not just wedding season: www.noragrace.ca) 5) Something that is important for Chris and I is to have a CONNECTION with the bride and groom. We want to know you, what you like, what you love, about your personalities. We never book a wedding without a) a SKYPE consultation and talking on the phone with you a few times before your wedding. This is important to us. We want to be your friends. You will be spending one of the most important days of your life with us, you will be sharing that celebration with us. It helps that you like us as people as well as our photography. It also helps that we like you. We take huge pride in building personal connections with you, because every wedding we shoot is personal to us. A day before your wedding, we take you out for coffee when we meet face to face. Each couple that we have shot becomes our friends, and their wedding party too. 6) We personally cull and edit each one of our weddings. We edit for colour correction and so on. Our editing process takes about a week from the time of your wedding. You can expect to have your photos within 2-3 weeks from the date of your wedding. Typically you will have between 600-1000 photos from your day. 7) When we deliver your photos, we give you high res photos with printing rights. (We strongly suggest getting them printed through us, because we have relationships with professional photo labs who know our colour calibration, and who we trust with your memories) However, we understand that because you are not living in the same city as us, because you have your own schedules, we give you printing rights. If you have any questions on anything, please give us a call at 514.758.6672 or drop either Chris (chris@nandcphotography.com) or myself (nora@nandcphotography.com). We look forward to hearing from you all very soon. xo Nora.
  5. Hey ladies, we were recently features on Champagne Sweets. Check out our feature there. It was a destination wedding that was beyond beautiful. We can't wait to be sharing those special moments with you!
  6. Only 5 more days to go. Don't forget to submit your stories!!! We are loving reading all the submissions.
  7. Congrats AngelaR. Let us know if we can answer any questions you might have. We are happy to help. Also, be sure to check our our Bride Guide on our website at www.nandcphotography.com We have a great guide to help you plan your dream destination wedding. xo Nora.
  8. Here is a story from AFoltz13: (She somehow couldn't get onto the forum!) My fiance Blake and I met over 4 years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party and I was instantly hooked! After that night though he didn't really seem interested in getting to know me but I was always asking our friends about him. When my birthday finally rolled around about 6 months later I begged my friend to invite him to our little get together. After he finally realized how awesome I really am, he asked me out on our first date! Since my name is Ariel, I've always had a love for anything Disney and on April 20, 2008 he asked me to be his little mermaid <3 Our first Cubs game together! On January 13, 2010 Blake proposed to me and it is actually a pretty embarrassing story! I had had a pretty crummy day at work and I was feeling rather grumpy when I got home from work. When I walked in the door I was on the phone with my sister and when I got to our hallway I found a trail of rose petals and after peaking into the living room squeaked out O CRAP! and ran for the bathroom! After hyperventilating for a few seconds while my sister was saying what what WHAT?! in my ear I finally got out that I thought Blake was proposing to me! To which she said GET BACK OUT THERE! After about 5 more minutes of trying to calm down I made my way sheepishly back into the living room where Blake had been waiting for me the whole time, still down on one knee. He had the living room decorated in rose petals and I (heart) U on the floor where he was kneeling. I sat down on his knee and because of all of the excitement I can't even tell you what he said! All I remember is saying YES! I would love to marry him! At the time of our engagement I had just found out that I would be losing my job at a school at the end of the year due to state educational budget cuts. We decided it would be a good idea for me to go back to school to study pre-vet to get my dream job, since now I would be marrying my dream man. Since Blake had a pretty great job and loved where he was working, I ended up moving over 5 hours away from him. It turned out to be a lot harder than we expected so after the first year there I transferred to a school that is now only 2 hours away. We still only get to see each other every few weekends but it is so much better than every few months! Because of all the decisions we made for my education and Blake's job, we had to sacrifice putting our wedding on hold but the time is finally here for us! As I said earlier, I have a pretty crazy love for Disney so we decided we would get married on a Disney Cruise Wedding that sets sail on June 16, 2013. We can't possibly be any happier to finally start planning our happily ever after! From our 4 year anniversary we just celebrated this month
  9. Fallfromgrace, it was so nice to have you over yesterday to go through some of these with us. I love it when past brides become friends!
  10. These are amazing!!! Keep them coming. I am getting a bit teary eyed reading some of these. Isn't love beautiful?
  11. Nora NandCPhoto


    Kisha, We are running an awesome contest right now, you can check it out here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79357/nora-and-chris-photography-contest-free-destination-wedding-photography Also, we have a bride guide available on our website that will help you with some of your details for your wedding. You can check it out at www.nandcphotography.com Let us know if you have any questions. Nora
  12. Hi Nicole, We have been, and it is absolutely stunning. I am not too sure about the wedding packages, but we are happy to help you in any way that we can. Let us know. Nora.
  13. Picking a photographer is really important like Kristee had mentioned. Make sure to have a connection with your photographer. Prices can and will range. 1) make sure you view a full wedding. If you have a photographer in mind, be sure to ask them to see a full wedding. 2) make sure you have a connection with your wedding photographer. This is a person/people who you will spend your whole wedding day with. 3) make sure their style matches what you like. Let us know if you have any questions, and we would be happy to answer them for you. Nora and Chris Photography www.nandcphotography.com
  14. Hello Bride to Be Cuba. We have a really great destination wedding checklist that you can find on our website. It is a bride guide for destination weddings. Ideally you want to have the date confirmed first, and then the group plan. There are some great resources on this site to help you out. xo Nora and Chris Photography www.nandcphotography.com
  15. WE LOVE THE BARCELO!!!!!!! WE have travelled to a few of them, and they are soooo beautiful. All you lucky brides getting married at the Barcelo. xo Nora and Chris Photography www.nandcphotography.com
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