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Great Prices on Items for OOT Bags

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Ladies, I've been doing a lot of work on my OOT bags and wanted to share what I've found so far. I've done tons of research to find the best prices.


Bags: $.88 per bag, or $10 for 12 bags @ Oriental Trading Company Hibiscus bags.

Hand Sanitizer: $1 per item, Bath and Body Works

First Aid Kits: $1 or less, buy the Johnson and Johnson kits on eBay and shop around for a good price!

Key Card Holders: $.24 a piece, Advantus 75524 Resealable badge holder, 2-5/8 x 3-3/4, vertical, prepunched, 50 per box/$12.00

purchased from Amazon.com these were JUST $12 per 50 last week, but the price has gone up!

Whistle Key Chain Bracelets: $.26 a piece, or $3 per dozen, Oriental Trading

Custom Playing Cards: $1.41 apiece, www.favorwarehouse.com These don't look like much online, but you can customize a sticker for them. Just got them in and I'm very happy with them!

Custom spf Lip Balms: $1.25 apiece, www.icandywrappers.com

Custom drink koozies: $1.04 apiece, www.totallypromotional.com. I had to email a rep there to get them done the way I wanted. I'll post a picture of the proof below.

Pashminas: waiting on final pricing, but looks to be $2.67 apiece, http://www.pioneergroup27.com/

Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku books: $1 apiece at Dollar General

Spanish Phrase Book: 4 for $6 at Amazon.com


Also from OTC:

Marvelous Metal key chain clips (carabiners): $10/50

Sandal Notepads for the kids: $5/doz

Island Hibiscus Hair Ties: $4/30 pieces

Palm Tree Goody Bags: $1.49/doz

Glow Bracelets (for the kids at my reception): $.40 a piece, or $20 for 50


I'm still working on the final touches for my First Aid Kits. Amazon has Pepto, Advil, and Aloe for about $1 each but I feel like I can find it somewhere else cheaper.





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Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for playing cards and I will have to check out that site!

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Here is the koozie proof! So cute, I'm obsessed with it! I used "drink" instead of "beer" since there will be some kids at our wedding, and I wanted them to be able to join in on the fun.


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Wow thanks for all the info! I am just now starting to look for items for my OOT bags and this will be a huge help. I actually just contacted totallypromotions.com to order out custom koozies, pretty excited about the first purchase. Many more to come. Thanks!

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