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  1. I found really cheap packets of advil, aleve, pepto, etc on this site. check it out. http://www.minimus.biz/OTC-Medication.aspx
  2. Hi ladies, Still on the hunt for this...I found the below sites: Price: $37.60 for the 6" to 7" http://www.qualityshells.com/pearl-nautilus-seashells.html Price: $22.95 for the 6" to 7" http://deltonaseashells.com/inc/sdetail/420
  3. Thank you so much!!!! This is great! I love this forum. Girls ROCK!!!
  4. Hello, Does anyone know where I can find this seashell ceremony set? I've been searching and searching but haven't found the exact one. Thanks!
  5. Hello ladies, I'm getting married at Azul Beach in less than 2 months...yay!!! You're right there aren't many of us out there but the reviews have been very positive. Congratulations and happy planning : )
  6. Everything looks so great! I bought the same dress for my wedding. I loved it, then I wasn't sure, then I love it again Yay! I wanted to ask you, what's the name of the design you choose for your OOT bag. I'm having trouble finding it. Thanks! I love your postcards. How were you able to get them for free?
  7. Congratulations!!!! You look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. Where did you have your cocktail hour and reception? I'm getting married in October and still trying to figure that out. Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi we were told we couldn't hire DJ Doremixx because the only external vendors they alllow are photographers. Can you tell me who your planner was? Thanks!
  9. Let me know how things go. I am willing to pay the vendor fee so it just doesn't make sense that the fee only applies to photography.
  10. Hello, I'm getting married at Azul Beach on October 15, 2011 and just wanted to thank everyone for all the great information available on this forum. I'm hoping to have the ceremony on the Sky Terrace which I was informed may be opening in August of the this year but based on what I've read they are a bit behind with the constuction so I'm getting a little nervous. As far as the vendors, I recently learned that they only allow outside photographers - no other vendors. I was really upset to learn this because I wanted hire DJ Dormixx for the reception but was told I couldn't. Did anyone else encounter this problem? Well, congratulations to all the brides
  11. Hi Congratulations! How was your big day! I'm getting married at Azul Beach on Oct 15, 2011 so would be interested to hear your feedback. Again congratulations!
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