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  1. I just got back from our wedding at The Islander Resort. I have to say I was very impressed with everything the staff did to make our day so special! I would recommend it to anyone interested in the Islamorada area. We have a small place on the beach down there but I wanted a no fuss wedding and that is exactly what I had at the Islander Resort. Also they are building a huge banquet hall on the property for anyone who wants to get married on the beach and have the reception inside. (That's what we did to stay out of the heat) They currently have a small meeting building that was perfect for our wedding of 30 people. They are very reasonable with pricing also.
  2. I don't know if they travel but I had my hair done at Blue Bamboo in Islamorada for our engagement pics and wedding, LOVE that place!!
  3. Thank you!! It was absolutely perfect and I LOVED how the bottom flowed lightly in the beach breeze. My dress is an Allure Exclusive Edition from House of Brides. It's an unadvertised edition so you won't find it on the Allure website or House of Brides website... I actually couldn't find it anywhere so I contacted Allure directly and they sent me pics of it and explained that to me. If you check out my profile you can see the model pics of it. Or send me your email and I'll send you pics of me wearing it out of the water also.
  4. Thank you! I had a photographer for my wedding but those underwater pictures were taken with my Cannon underwater camera and a friend of mine took them not the photographer.
  5. So I jumped in a saltwater pool at the end of the night. If anyone has the chance I say do it!! My dress was hung outside to dry and by morning it was perfect! Girls if you are debating I say... You only get to do this once, just have fun and don't worry about the condition of your dress just GO FOR IT!!!
  6. I jumped in the pool at the end of the night. It was a saltwater pool and my dress was perfect after hanging it outside the next day.
  7. AmyG you looked STUNNING on your wedding day!! Congrats!!
  8. Islamorada - June 9,2012
  9. Hey girls, I thought I would share my welcome bags with everyone... Thank you so much to anyone I "borrowed" ideas from on this site! This site has giving me so many great ideas!! And Vistaprint is so addicting!! Much love... Xoxo Welcome letter tied to the bag made on Vistaprint, used the free postcards The tissue packets I bought at Target, 4 pack in the travel section, Magnet was made on Vistaprint, one of the first things I made on that site. Lotion was purchased at Michael's in the clearance section for less than 50 cents each! Lint roller from Target, 2 pack in the dollar section. The other thing is a pop out brush, also from Target in the travel section. First thing is is a pen and pad of paper found at Michael's in the clearance section for less than 50 cents each. Earrings and necklace got on eBay for about a $1 each. The nail set also came from Michael's in the dollar section. Water bottles came from the dollar section at Target and I made the front sticker on Vistaprint, back sticker on my home computer. I also put Propel/Gatorade packets inside them. I am totally addicted to Goldfish crackers and eat them everyday at work so those were a MUST HAVE in my welcome bags. The other is a beach/boat bag to carry stuff in rolled up, I was going to use them as my welcome bags but they were too big so decided to just put them inside instead. Wine came from Jewel... Hand sanitizer 3 pack from the dollar store, 3 for a buck! I made both oh $h%T kits and Wedding Weekend Survival Kits, only put one in each bag. Bought them at Target and made the sticker for them on Vistaprint when they had product labels for free, big rectangle stickers 4 to a page and I cut them down a little to fit better. What I put inside them, I may add one more thing, not sure... The outside postcard I glued onto the bag I also made on Vistaprint and I bought the bags at Walmart. I have 2 months still before I get married so I have a feeling I might add more stuff but I am trying to tell myself to STOP!! It isn't easy LOL If anyone has any cute ideas on what I can do with the wine bottles let me know... Thanks!!!
  10. I'm thinking of doing some sort of eternity type band on both sides
  11. Thought I'd join the club by posting my ring... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring!!! My FI took a couple hints and did an amazing job!!
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