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  1. First aid kits, shout wipes, Pepto, and Bayer have been sold! Remaining items: 10 individually wrapped makeup remover wipes 10 individually wrapped nail polish remover wipes 6.00 TOTAL for all (including shipping)
  2. I have lots of travel sized meds & other items left from making my OOT bags! (all packets of meds have two pills/caplets per packet) 10 packets of Bayer (3.00) 42 packets of Advil (13.00) 15 packets of Pepto Bismol (4.50) 15 packets of Tylenol PM (4.50) 10 packets of Tylenol (3.00) 10 individually wrapped makeup remover wipes (3.00) 10 individually wrapped nail polish remover wipes (3.00) 20 individually wrapped Shout wipes (3.00) 10 Johnson & Johnson travel first aid kits ( 5.00) 42.00 for everything + 5.00 shipping!! Items can be purchased separately for the price listed next to the item + 2.00 shipping. Photos of items available upon request.
  3. I have 10 extra packets each of Pepto Bismol caplets & Tylenol PM that I do not need. 2 caplets in each packet. If anyone is interested please respond or send a PM. ) Tylenol PM Expiration date: 07/2013 Pepto Expiration date: 01/2013 Price is $13 for all 20 packets, plus shipping.
  4. Mine is in Word too. What size are your pages? I custom-sized my document to 5.5x8.5 & I plan to print the pages on A9 paper from Paper Source.
  5. Not sure how much I'm spending yet... but I'm hoping it will end up around $25 per bag. I'm keeping track of my spending, but I really haven't added it all up yet.. Eeek! We have about 15 to make for the wedding and 30 to make for the AHR... the ones for the AHR won't have quite as much stuff in them though.
  6. Just wanted to let anyone who is trying to get the 1.50 off Johnson & Johnson coupon, but had problems with the website, make sure you use their contact form & let them know. I did & they sent me three coupons for $1 off any J&J Red Cross product! So that makes the first aid kits completely free! )
  7. I'm definitely watching out for another Vistaprint deal for everyone! I managed to finish up everything I think I'm gonna need from them with my Groupon. I, too, fell prey to the free shipping for ordering $25 extra. Everything was such a great deal though, because all the items were 30% off when using the Groupon! I can't wait for my stuff to get here!!! )
  8. We have a honeymoon registry with Royal Caribbean. While we would love if everyone would just buy from this registry, we realize that many guests-- mostly older ones-- prefer giving a physical gift that they can go out & purchase and give to us at the AHR. So, we did a small registry at Target yesterday & will complete a small one at either Macy's, BB&B, or Kohl's for some new bedding & bath towels. Though I know it's considered bad etiquette by some, I will be including the registry info on a separate card in the AHR invites. I just think it's a complicated, unnecessary dance to expect guests to track me or my mom down to figure out where we're registered... or putting our website in the invite & listing registry info on the website. First of all, not everyone uses the internet.. second of all, I just feel like it's going around the block to get across the street. LoL, it just seems unnecessary and inconvenient.
  9. I hadn't thought to ask if there's a fee for giving out our bags... I will definitely contact our coordinator to check.. It doesn't matter, though. We'll still be letting the resort hand them out regardless of if there is a fee. Hopefully they will put the bags in the rooms for us.. I was just going to let them give them out at the front desk, but the more I think about it, the better it seems to have the bags already in the room. Our guests will already be carrying luggage, so the bag being in the room would be better than having something else to carry...
  10. Yay!! Super happy to help out my fellow destination brides... I'm glad that some of you ladies took advantage of the deal.. It's a really good one! I wish it would count toward shipping, but oh well... still an amazing deal!
  11. $17 for $70 of Vistaprint products!! I totally snatched this up, because I'm using Vistaprint for a few items in our OOT bags! This offer only has a bit less than a day left on it, so jump on this on ladies!!! http://www.groupon.com/deals/vista-print-washington-dc?post_purchase=true
  12. Oh yes.. I have been robbing Bath & Body works for over a week now. LoL! I got a bunch of the Charmed Life & Paris Amour lotions for our OOT bags for the AHR. They were .87 each. The AHR will be in November, so it will be winter-ish. Plus I got 30 of the holiday scented pocket anti-bacterial bottles for .75 each... also for the AHR OOT bag. I got the 2oz lotions Apple Blossom citrus, Pomegranate citrus, and Peach citrus for .87 each. They're summery, so we'll be using them for our OOT bags in St. Thomas. AND I had the $10 off $30. ) OH.. and I almost forgot. For the AHR OOT bags I also got the mini 1.6oz candles with a glass hurricane for 1.50 each. Bought 30 of them.. I'm sure the cashier thought I was crazy. LoL! They're 2.00 each online.
  13. I have 5 extra 1.50 off 2 Johnson & Johnson products coupons. They will expire on 1/31/12. Whoever wants them send me a PM & I will mail them to you for no charge! FYI: These coupons reduce .97 J&J First Aid Kits from Target or Wal-Mart to about .22 each. )
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