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Mrstgun's Planning Updates (Pic Heavy - FINAL Planning Post - Page 65, Post 642)

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#561 futuremrstgun

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    Posted 09 October 2011 - 02:28 AM

    well, ladies...


    i'm sitting here in a dark computer lounge dripping with love...i'm the happiest, i've ever been..EVER..EVER!!!


    while there were a few hiccups...like...i don't have a clue where my bridal hanger is...didn't get pics with it or anything AND my ribbon for the cutlery was with it..so that's incognito too..i know i packed it..but can't find the damn thing for nothin so, some of the decor didn't go exactly the way i wanted..but still beautiful..had to move the wedding inside due to the weather AND i feel as though Marcia E. Roberts (our photographer) didn't have enough time to capture mine and torry's love (eventhough she's incredibly prompt, professional, patient and overwhelmingly accommodating) due to some crazy timing with having to move things inside, etc..plus, i was late walking down the aisle (again, timing, etc) but all in all, everything was great!!! 


    i decided to just 'go with the flow' and adopt a 'no problem, mon' attitude at the last minute...our guests were happy and i'm confident that everyone had a GREAT time. i was even able to contain the 'ugly' cry during the ceremony..although, my Daddy 'almost' broke me down with words of encouragement at the beginning of our stroll down the aisle...i had to 'nip' that quickly.  girls, at the age of 40...i can't tell you how much of a Daddy's little girl, I felt like yesterday evening...it was by far, one of the defining moments of my life!  SAVOR that walk with your father, ladies..SAVOR EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!  it was...well...it was indescribable!


    hoping to post pics, soon.  stay tuned for those.


    THANKS for the encouragement, thoughts and well wishes for my big day..it was truly amazing!!!  until next time...remain blessed and HAPPY PLANNING!!!



    #562 MichCraw

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      Posted 09 October 2011 - 04:38 AM

      Thanks for writing us to let us know how it went! I went to check the internet to see the weather and I saw showers I was very disappointed for you but i'm glad that you adapted well to the plan " B"! Can't wait to get a sneak peak at some pictures, i'm sure you looked amazing!! Don't sweat the small stuff, i'm sure you can take some pictures of the hanger once your recover it. Love the way you described the feeling with your dad, what an incredible moment for you! Continue to enjoy your trip! Congrats again!! No longer Future MrsTGun .,.. now it's MrsTgun!!!!

      #563 atalanta

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        Posted 09 October 2011 - 12:40 PM

        Good afternoon Mrs Torrey Gundy,


        I am so happy for you. While you were wedding, I was with my FI and all of his family and friends celebrating his big 40. I promised myself that I would take some time to send positive thoughts your way, but everything just moved so fast.


        I know just how you feel about your hanger and the ribbon for your cutlery. I feel as though all of these months that I spent planning my FI's surprise 40th birthday treasure hunt, I still forgot somethings. I never got one of his friend's e-mail addresses, they found out about the party and were a little hurt for not being invited. I downloaded the top hit of 1971 onto my computer, which was no easy feat because I'm not an itunes user (never had an ipod--missed the whole phase) and left my computer at home. I forgot to cook the spring rolls and put out the kiwi.


        But, just as you, let go and could let the moment with your father sink in, I let go and enjoyed the amazingly beautiful Minnesota weather (go figure), which held up despite the promises of thunderstorms, my FI's friends, his family, the laughter of children, and most of all my FI's surprised look every time he got a treasure/party.


        Who knew wedding/party planning would give us life lessons? Can't wait to see your pictures!


        Enjoy the rest of your stay and get back to your hubby. We'll make do until those pictures arrive when you are back at home.



        #564 futuremrstgun

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          Posted 09 October 2011 - 04:26 PM

          hi, ladies...


          i'm sneaking in some time to post a few pics..while there were some hiccups..missing flights..missing items and NOT having EVERYTHING on the tables as i planned..the pics my sister took on my iphone look pretty amazing...here's a peak...remember..iPhone was used..i'm super excited at what the professional pics will look like.  woo hoo!!!








          daddy and me.jpg



          reception table_b.jpg



          reception table_b2.jpg



          reception table_b3.jpg


          eat cake_b.jpg


          just married_b.jpg

          until next time...be blessed and HAPPY PLANNING!!!



          #565 coconoir1908

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            Posted 09 October 2011 - 04:39 PM



            Such a BEAUTIFUL, Stunning and Amazing Bride you are!!!


            Everything looks absolutely beautiful even with the iPhone pictures. So I know that the professional photos will rock  

            #566 YWS2012

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              Posted 09 October 2011 - 05:29 PM


              #567 JQLong

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                Posted 10 October 2011 - 04:30 AM


                You look absolutely AMAZING!!!! Looks like everything turned out perfectly!  So happy for you!

                You are definetly a DIY inspiration to me....and I'm sure everyone else! 


                Enjoy honeymooning!!!!

                So Amazing......July 4, 2012!!!!!!

                #568 anudrm

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                  Posted 10 October 2011 - 06:15 AM

                  Everything looks perfect, your guest didn't know that you were missing ribbons.  I am so happy the WC was able to recreate your table,  how stunning it looks.  As for you, you looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! WORK IT, LOL.  You look happy......I'm happy for you that all your hard work was such a great success.


                  Now enjoy your MAN and get off the computer (IPhone), waiting on your review *WHEN YOU GET BACK TO THE STATES!!

                  #569 dominiqueamber

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                    Posted 10 October 2011 - 07:01 AM

                    EEEKKKKK! {Yes I squealed when I saw you posted pictures already} You really LOVE us! Thank you for ending my anticipation! I couldn't focus on much Saturday afternoon because I was wondering what it looked like! I can't wait to you get home and settled! Thanks for taking the time to do that - but I'm with anudrm - we'll survive till you get back! Sooo happy for you - and don't worry about the pictures we all GET the love!

                    #570 atalanta

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                      Posted 10 October 2011 - 10:51 AM

                      You look gorgeous in that dress! Congratulations again!

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