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  1. Just in case I forget. Happy Anniversary to all of the July 2012 brides! atalanta
  2. Thanks principessa, And congrats to you, too!
  3. I am so happy for you that everything work out perfectly! Congratulations Mrs. IslandBride2012!
  4. Hi MissLu, I'm really sorry to read about your experience with Jasmine's Bridal. I'm not sure if your service experience has anything to do with the amount you spent. I ordered a custom wedding veil from them, a much less expensive item than a wedding gown and Jasmine's took excellent care and attention to detail with my veil. I don't know if they have different departments, but maybe the bridal department staff is much more detail oriented and quality controlled. My veil spent 4 days in quality control before even shipping. In fact, my complaint was they spent so much time making sure it was perfect, I nearly didn't get it in time. And even then when I expressed my concern, they expedited shipping and were willing to pay extra for it to be sent to my parent's address who flew out later than I did. Also, I don't think that Jasmine's is alone in requiring that customer's pay return shipping. The Chinese vendor I ordered my custom jewelry also has a customer-pays-for-return shipping policy. In any regard, I really hope that you can get your money back and that you have enough time to make alternate dress plans. Regardless of the reason for a less than perfect item, you have a legitimate gripe. No bride needs this type of poor service before their wedding! Thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck!
  5. I like this dress a lot better than the original! I can't tell why because other than the flower, the dresses look the same. It might just be the way the ruffles fall in the front of the dress, but congratulations!
  6. Congratulations nikknikk! This dress looks amazing! I'm anti-bling, but love this dress on you!
  7. Hi @Punta Bride, We ordered our linen clothes for the men from Island Importer. What I really liked about them was their service! I called them and asked them if they would give us a discount. They usually only give the discount on 10 or more guys. At the time we contacted them, we only had 7 guys. They extended us a 10% discount anyway since we were buying tops and bottoms for the guys. The men loved their outfits and looked great! The have clothes for kids so we could be sure that the men and the kids clothes were an exact match!
  8. Congratulations JQLong! Still on our honeymoon, but wanted to check in to wish all the upcoming brides all of the best!
  9. We are married! I'll post more soon!
  10. Ladies, Two weeks from now, I will be stepping into my dress. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! We leave next week! So much still to get done! I'll check in before I leave. Good luck everyone!
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