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  1. I can't believe it's my turn to be selling my wedding stuff on this thread. I remember browsing this thread everyday trying to find items I wanted and could get for a better price! Who cares if it's used, everything is still in excellent condition, and as you all know we only use them once and for such a small amount of time! So here goes, if you are interested PM me I do live in Canada however I can possible ship some items off from a NY post office therefore shipping might be less expensive for US brides. All items are negotiable especially if you take more than 1 item at a time. Michèle xo Bride Tank Top (White) XL 5$ Just Married Tank Top (Hot Pink) XL 5$ Groom Iron on Decal 5$ (never used) Flowergirl HairClip 5$ Flowergirl Basket 20$ RingBearer Pillow 20$ Cake Topper (never used) 10$ Starfish Sandals Silver (Size 10) 8$ Guess Rhinestone Sandals (Size 10) 10$ Just Married Flip Flips (Size 9-10 Women) 5$ Le Chateau Purple High Heels (Size 10) 25$ White Paper Parasol Bamboo Piping 5$ Flower HairClip Rhinestones (never used) 5$ Cake Server & Knife Beach Themed 8$ Starfish Necklace Rhinestone 10$ Starfish HairPins (2) 5$ each Starfish Bouquet Accessories (3) 5$ each Flower Girl Dress (Size 8) 20$ Satin Fushia Chair Sashes (6" wide x 106" long) (18) 5$ for all Fushia Table Runners (2) 1$ each Purple Satin Table Runners used as Chair Sashes (16) 1$ each Purple Organza Chair Sashes (13) (7 1/2" wide x 108" long) 3$ for all Black Lanyards (24) never used 5$ for all Mens Sandals White (Size 10-11) never used 10$ Starfish Decorations (7) 5$ for all Place Card Shells (12) 10$ for all Large Starfish Candle Decoration Painted Purple 5$ Large Starfish Candle Decoration Painted Pink 5$ Wedding Frisbee 3$ Picture Frames 1 Pink 1 Purple fits 5x7 photo 5$ each or both for 8$
  2. I am selling my wedding dress Mori Lee " 2105". It is a white strapless, A-line with a corset back has a beaded neckline and a shirred, draped cross band bodice with scattered clusters of beads throughout the skirt and chapel length train. No modifications were done on the length, I am 5'10 and I was wearing 3 inch heels and it fit me perfectly, therefore anyone under 6'1 can wear it or get it hemmed! I bought it for 1000$, and I paid 22$ to have a hidden bustle in the back made. Here are some pictures on the model and of me in it on my wedding day. It is a size 16, I bought it when I was a size 16 street clothes and on my wedding day I was down to a size 10 and it still fit me beautifully. The corset back makes it perfect for weight fluctuations!
  3. Our Story/ Background My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years. We were engaged 8 years ago around Christmas time, however 2 children later our plans for a wedding were put on the back burner. Last year when we realized that A: Our 10 year anniversary was coming up and B: Our family was established and we were happy with our 2 beautiful children. We decided that we would make our dreams come true...a destination wedding!!! My husband is an avid diver, loves the ocean and the sand and what girl hasn’t had the dream of getting married with the tropical blue ocean in the background! This for me was my dream come true! The rings My e-ring is a solitary diamond with white gold and the band, which you can't see properly in this picture is the same design as the e-ring but with 3 little diamonds in the front. My husbands ring bought off ebay for 10$ made out of tungsten hehe ... he didn't want to make a hassle of getting an expensive ring. Where he works he isn't allowed to wear any type of jewellery and he didn't want to get something expensive and then lose it because he has to take it off regularly. We don't have any engagement pictures, in all honesty I had never heard of this before coming on this site! I have known couples to wed and never has anyone I know done this... however I would have loved the idea! Wish I had known.. oh well .. more money in my pocket I guess! Picking a Resort/Date We wanted to get married on 11-11-11 like a lot of people did. The resorts that we could afford didn't have that date available, therefore we chose the first week of December, because we wanted the hurricane season to be over. We picked the 7th, because 7 is usually a lucky number, and my daughter's birthday is on the 7th.... simple as that! As for the resort, we had a few criteria : We wanted to go to a place neither of us had ever been before, I had to get married in a white gazebo, there had to kids games/water amusement for our two children, and the price for 1 week had to be in between 1200$-1300$ in order for most of our guests to afford to go. Would we have chosen the Majestic Colonial if there had been no price issue... NO...however thinking back we were too worried about who would and wouldn't come because of the price and we should have been thinking about what would make us the happiest and this was a one and a life time moment for us. This is a picture of my white gazebo, taken when no wedding is scheduled. Even with no color enhancements I find it to be quite beautiful! We booked our wedding date and wedding week 14 months in advance. We wanted to give everyone that was invited enough time to save up some money, so that they would be able to afford the trip! 20$ a week times 14 months and the trip was PAID! So we made our own invitations and sent them out really early! We didn't have a theme or color scheme determined yet, but we knew the when, where and how much so we sent them out as quickly as we could. My dress and wedding attire I went dress shopping too early. I was determined to get fit and in shape and lose weight, however I went shopping when I was at my heaviest. The boutique had maybe 3 dresses for me to try on, I was discouraged I put a deposit on a dress that I " sorta" liked, thinking that I would be crazy to order a dress I loved in a brochure and then pay for it and it looked awful on me when I got it. So I put a deposit on a size 22 dress, started working out in Jan 2011, eating healthier without starving myself or depriving myself of anything I wanted to eat. The weight came off, I was looking and feeling good.. I was having nightmares at night of the choice of dress I had made. During the summer, I did the what some brides must do... went dress shopping even though I had already put a deposit on a dress... of course with some weight off I could try on more dresses.. and I realized quickly that the shape of dress I had bought ... no longer looked flattering! (If it ever did) So I mustered all my guts and pride and went back to the boutique, talked to the manager and told her that I no longer wanted to purchase that dress and if she would be so kind as to put it back on the rack and maybe let me shop for another dress in the store?! She did, and I tried on quite a few dresses ... and picked one that had almost all my criteria! 1: Sweatheart neckline 2: White not ivory 3: Long train 4: Beading 5: A-Line .. I got 5 out of 5, the dress is partly satin however it didn't bother me one bit on the day of the wedding! First on the model and then a few of me in the dress late lateeeee on the day of the wedding. To be continued....
  4. I had no idea about OOT bags before finding this site, and once I saw what past brides had done I wanted to do this to. What a great way to thank those close to you that will travel all the way down south for you wedding! I did have a lot of problems with my darn bags that I got... being a newbie at this kind of thing ( especially DIY projects), I didn't look at what kind of material the bags were made of... so mistake number one quickly became mistake number 2 .... ironing on the bag equals bag burning and melting.. hmmm .. scrap 1 bag. Mistake number 3 ... embroidery ... bag too thin equals big heap of mess.... scrap bag # 2 .... so I decided I would just attach a little luggage tag or tag on it like some other brides had done... but I really wanted to personalize the bags to no avail. A few weeks ago I was in a store looking for something totally different, when I saw some stencils .. I asked a woman if she knew if there was some sort of paint that could go on fabric ... and ta da .... I finally could personalize my bags!!!! The paint I used is called so soft, they have amazing colors and it really is a fantastic product! So here is when I started off .. I did some seahorses, starfish and shells.... : This is one bag finished and I decided to add the luggage tag with our logo as well and I added everyone's name on the handle! This is a picture of a bag with all the products I put inside it: Here are a few pictures of the individual things I put inside of the bags, the bags include: Sewing Kit Wedding Survival Kit Medication bag Face Towel English Spanish Dictionary Starfish Bookmark Travel Mug Personalized Playing Cards Grocery bag that rolls up into a beautiful flower Hand Sanitizer Brochure More to come...
  5. Hello everyone! I have a few items remaining from my wedding back in December. I would love to send them off to a good home so that they can be used again to accompany another Destination Wedding! I can ship to Canada or the U.S. Shipping is paid by the buyer. Let me know by private message if there is something that could interest you! Thanks Michèle Swarovski starfish earrings sterling silver (worn once, paid 80$ .. selling for 60$) Iron-on Bridesmaid Rhinestones with two pink flowers (never used) 5$ Flowergirl HairClip 5$ Flowergirl Basket 20$ RingBearer Pillow 20$ Cake Topper (never used) 10$ Just Married Flip Flips (Size 9-10 Women) 5$ Le Chateau Purple High Heels (Size 10) 25$ White Paper Parasol Bamboo Piping 5$ Purple Satin Table Runners used as Chair Sashes (16) 1$ each Purple Organza Chair Sashes (13) (7 1/2" wide x 108" long) 3$ for all Black Lanyards (24) never used 5$ for all Mens Sandals White (Size 10-11) never used 10$ Large Starfish Candle Decoration Painted Purple 5$ Large Starfish Candle Decoration Painted Pink 5$ Wedding Frisbee 3$
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    **** Wedding Items for Sale ****

    Yes I still have it for now, however someone else has shown interest, i'm wiling to sell it to the first one who makes the payment.
  7. So yesterday was my hair trial session, it was all planned out I was going with my maid of honor and she would take the pictures, don't mind the makeup we just did it quickly to give us an idea. However, my MOH forgot my hair flower..so we didn't really get the full effect.. let me know which one you prefer!?? Thanks Michèle 1st Hairstyle: Back: 2nd Hairstyle: 3rd Hairstyle: The hair flower will go on the side that the hair is gathered up!
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  10. Groom tshirt for sale Size XL, worn once the day after the wedding, in perfect condition. Make me an offer! Michèle
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    **** Wedding Items for Sale ****

    The Frisbee and the purple high heels have been SOLD!
  12. Hi i'm selling this brand new cake topper, still in the box if anyone is interested it's appox. 15 cm high, perfect condition.. any reasonable offer will be accepted. Unfortunately, my wedding will have a limited amount of people, and the resort is making me a 1 tier wedding cake... instead of at least a 2 -tier like I was hoping for... so I find that this cake topper is simply too big for a 1-tier cake ! Hope this finds a happy home & future wedding cake! Buyer pays the shipping, will ship anywhere. Thanks Michèle
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    **** Wedding Items for Sale ****

    I've only seen them in blue actually... I spray painted them .. it was super easy .. I had bought them at Pier1 imports .. don't know if they will come back this summer ... bought them last year!