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Riviera Maya wedding & TTD done the delSol way

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delSol Photography was the very first vendor I hired for my wedding.  I wanted my wedding memories to be accurately captured and I knew that photography was one of the most important pieces for me.  I chose delSol based on the slideshows and posts on this forum.  They have this uncanny ability to reflect the real spirit and emotion in their photographs and I wanted that kind of product for my day.  Sure the photographs are often beautiful and people in them are beautiful too.  But more importantly--and this is something I've come to appreciate even more in my own photographs--they look genuine.  The delSol photographs, more than any others I've seen, show people in their natural, genuine, and emotionally best.  They are sometimes quirky and funky and fun.  In my own, I have many favorites now where I am most definitely not the flawless bride.  I look like an amazingly happy bride.  That's what I want to remember from my wedding.  The sheer joy of the day.  And that is what delSol photography gave me.   I could not recommend them more highly.




Matt Adcock and Juan Jose shot the wedding day.  They showed up as a big ball of energy, Matt all in white with a white fedora cocked sideways on his head.  They were characters: friendly, intense, working to settle nerves and get that perfect shot.   They seemed to be everywhere and no where.  We were instructed to treat them as if they weren't there and after about half an hour that's exactly what we did.   I imagine they work hard to put everyone at ease and it worked.  We and our friends had rented an absolutely gorgeous modern Villa along the lagoon (Villa Gauguin), and Matt and Juan knew we liked the modern elements and set about capturing them flawlessly.


We then moved to the wedding location at Al Cielo.  While I imagine they were all over during the celebration, I never noticed them (then again, I was pre-occupied).  They were very unobtrusive.  After the wedding, Matt took over the herding of cats that is my wedding party to ensure we got the standard "family" and "wedding party" shots.  Then we were once again turned lose to do our own thing. 


I want to make one special note here primarily because it will not be obvious from the slideshows.  Our wedding party consisted of our four best couple friends.  While I expected them to necessarily be included in many of the shots, I did not specifically ask that they get their "own" photographs.  Matt and Juan went out of their way to capture each individual couple in at least one of their own unique, candid photograph.  When we received the package, they were thrilled to see those photographs and our friends were each so happy to have their own couple shot as a personal memory for the day.  This had been something we would have wanted and requested had we thought of it -- but we didn't and they did it on their own.  It was very thoughtful and much appreciated.


Trash the Dress


Our trash the dress was staged at a very busy cenote near Tulum.  Matt and his wife Sol were our photographers.  We actually went to two sections of the cenote.  One, although on the property, must not be known by anyone (and, well, you can't swim there) and no one was there.  Sol called it the bat cave.  While my friends after the fact claimed it must have been a back-drop, I confided that we had to wade through bat dung to get to the secluded spot reflected below. ;)  The second half of the shots were done in the swimming side of the cenote park and it was PACKED -- not that you could tell from any of the photographs.  Although I do okay being natural, I have a hard time being "sexy" for a camera.  That's where Sol came in and she did a perfect job of both putting me at ease and getting naturally sexy poses for the camera.  Matt did his own underwater gig thing, capturing those surreal looking pics.  He even got a couple without my husband popping out his cheeks in a parady of a fish breathing. ;)


Links to our slideshows are below and I've also posted a couple of my favorite pics.  If you are in the Riviera Maya, I cannot say enough about the skill and spirit of these photographers.


Wedding - http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=406


Trash the Dress - http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=407





















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Beautiful pics!! I love how all of Del Sol's work is consistently amazing, but they manage to capture every wedding & every couple uniquely!


Congrats & thanks for sharing :)

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Thanks everybody for the kind words, really its touching to hear this.    One thing is for sure, we must try to work LESS in the future because we are shooting so so much right now.  The numbers are unbelievable actually, so this challenge of being unique is tough... mostly, its the family emotion and little surprises that appear out of nowhere .   thanks for noticing :)


a few more of my favorites here: http://www.delsolphotography.com/blog/post-963/Amber-Stefan-Al-Cielo-Photos-by-Matt-Adcock


Originally Posted by J-me View Post

Beautiful pics!! I love how all of Del Sol's work is consistently amazing, but they manage to capture every wedding & every couple uniquely!


Congrats & thanks for sharing :)


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Here are a few of our favs...


Their getting ready was at Villa Gauguin in Akumal,  read her review here:  http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/villa-gauguin-akumal/reviews/4681




The ceremony had the music of the amazing Javier Rojas: http://www.javierrojas.com.mx/en/bio.html'>http://www.javierrojas.com.mx/en/bio.html


I've seen Javier at hundreds of weddings.  I enjoy my friendly hug every time I see him!   he is a NO BRAINER for any wedding ceremony: http://www.javierrojas.com.mx/en/bio.html



Drinks at the amazing Al Cielo hotel, you can read her review on Al Cielo here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/al-cielo-hotel/reviews/4682




and the hotel setup for dinner:






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