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  1. General delSol Photography was the very first vendor I hired for my wedding. I wanted my wedding memories to be accurately captured and I knew that photography was one of the most important pieces for me. I chose delSol based on the slideshows and posts on this forum. They have this uncanny ability to reflect the real spirit and emotion in their photographs and I wanted that kind of product for my day. Sure the photographs are often beautiful and people in them are beautiful too. But more importantly--and this is something I've come to appreciate even more in my own photographs--the
  2. I've done classic and lean and have had better results in terms of definition on my arms through classic. Then again, my goal is more definition and tone than pure weight loss (although I'll obviously take the weight loss too haha!)
  3. you look GORGEOUS! these are fabulous pictures! thanks for sharing! why do the women always look so serious pre-wedding and the guys are always chilllin', exchanging jokes?
  4. Thanks gals. We still have a month (GAH!!). I'm working on it. I'm convinced everything will turn out beautifully; even better. When you have a nightmare story to share, it's amazing how many similar stories you hear! A woman I work with told me that she was on her way to her wedding hotel in Jamaica when the driver pulled over, took out their luggage, and left, telling them that the hotel was booked solid. !!! She got through it with grace and spirit. We will too. Right now I've been working with the coordinators from Lol-Ha (Laura) and Al Cielo (Donaji), both of whom have been f
  5. With tanning technology, you only need to start two weeks before if you plan to go in three times a week. If you are very fair skinned, you may need to start a month out so that they can put you in the bed for only a couple minutes the first few times. I am pretty pale, but I tan well, so six times is what it takes -- going in at around 10 minutes each time. It's not SUPER dark, but definitely tan and still natural enough that I don't stick out that badly in snowy Colorado!
  6. Bottom line: Based on my own experience, I recommend not using her or at least exercising severe caution. I knew I was not doing an all-inclusive so I figured I needed a wedding coordinator for sure. I had read some good reviews about Jennifer and certainly about her bakery Turtle Bay Cafe and she came recommended by one of my other wedding vendors. I exchanged a few different emails with her to get an idea of her style, prices and see if we were match. She was very responsive to those emails and said all the right things. I hired her in February, paid her 50% of the cost of the wed
  7. I am in such a bind on jewelry! I love the pictures from Bella Bleu and Silverland....I searched on Etsy for _hours_ for the right set and just couldn't locate it (I find the site reallyreally hard to search through - there are just so many hits for anything related to jewelry!)
  8. The updated pic taken right after you purchased it is gorgeous. My vote would be to stick with the original, but I'm assuming you loved it when you bought it. If you absolutely love the second then, frankly, go with it. It is $1000 but you will have the pictures and memories forever and you want to love everything about them. You can always sell them and make some of the $$ back. Looking at both dresses, I think you can't go wrong either way.
  9. I love the look of the fans; and I definitely like that there are hand-made variations as well. They look and feel so much more natural that way! I'm with dreamyeyez--how are folks doing the ribbon? Is there a particular size at michaels, etc? I'm pretty much a DIY novice
  10. Add me as one of the brides who has been having difficulty getting a response. Jenn is my wedding coordinator, cake, and reception caterer so ... its hard to say it's not nerve-wracking! I know she's had some private issues in the summer and maybe I'm just a little too ahead of myself for a February 2011 wedding...Fingers crossed.
  11. love all the monograms ladies! and thanks so much for the help with the template! (mine is still a work in progress....slowly....slowly)
  12. Feb 22nd - We aren't doing an all-inclusive so it should be interesting. Only thing I have officially done is the website! Wedding Website - Amber & Stefan Slowly but surely ladies!
  13. Nam, I have to say, your pro wedding shots are a great advertisement for Fernando. I am definitely going to try to book him and then I'm just going to point to your make up and say "make it like that"!
  14. I absolutely love seeing everyone's websites and ideas! Our is at: Wedding Website - Amber & Stefan
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