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  1. I am having a symbolic ceremony also, we are doing the luxury package, I just got my final bill yesterday and was very suprised to see that the minister/officiant was not included in the price of the package, it is an extra $400. I don't know if I am the only one that didn't think that would be included in the price of the package, guess I didn't read the fine details. Just a heads up for those considering this package.
  2. I bought them at JC Penny in the mens suit section, they were very inexpensive just a few dollars for a pack of five. They even had ones with initials sewn in them but they didn't have our last name letter, but that would be a nice touch if you could find your guests initials.
  3. Â Here are the Hankies for the men during the ceremony, I am giving the women raffia fans. Let me know what you think, Thanks Â
  4. Brides, Does anyone know if there is a wedding web cam for guest at home to watch? I thought I read something about this a while ago on this thread but can't find it. If anyone has this link I would really appreciate if you could repost it. Thanks
  5. Hi ladies, I am trying to find the price list for the spa, I know I have seen it on here somewhere. I am really looking for the price for having your hair highlighted. Has anyone had it done there? thanks
  6. Hi L&J, Here is a picture that kinda shows the difference ( one smaller one is on top of the larger), some are about an inch different, some are more oblonge than others but I don't mind I really don't think people will notice, if you really want them the same size these are not for you. Â Â Â Â
  7. I just recieved my fans from the oriental trading company here is a picture of how they turned out. Just to let anyone know who is thinking of ordering them, they do come in a variety of sizes, I still like them and hope the guests will use them. Â
  8. Has anyone worked with Jael, I have called her and emailed her and have not heard back, and it's been two weeks. I am getting frustrated, I only have 2 month to go and have alot of questions. Can anyone help with this question, I want to have a single live flower in my hair, do they provide them or can I buy one from town, I'm not going to pay the vendor fee for one extra flower. And does anyone know if they have square tables? All I have seen in pictures are round. Thanks
  9. I wish I could open up these files it's the last thing I need for my welcome books, oh well
  10. Great job, I like the guest info page, nice way for the group to meet each other.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by playa hi ladies, I have a question about a sand ceremony. For those who had one, did you bring your own vases and sand? Did you write your own words or did they have a standard they used? thanks I am not using the traditional vases but the picture frame. You can see it here If you do a search on here for sand ceremonies, you will find threads and suggestions for scripts. I'll see if I can find it. Thanks you so much for the idea that is really beautiful. Also thanks for looking up the words for the ceremony we will be using one of them for sure
  12. hi ladies, I have a question about a sand ceremony. For those who had one, did you bring your own vases and sand? Did you write your own words or did they have a standard they used? thanks
  13. Hi Ladies, I am Loving the Destination wedding because I really don't have time to make all the decisions, and I love that I can still have a beautiful wedding at the same time. The one thing I am concerned about is that I have an all Lace wedding dress, And I have the Luxury package, they say they will press it for me. Does anyone have experience with an all lace dress? Did they do a good job on it or should I just bring my own Steamer?
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