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  1. Hey ladies, we leave tomorrow morning so I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help, support and amazing advice! I have no idea what I would have done without you! I'll post pictures once we return, and hopefully I will run into some of the other brides this week!
  2. We signed the papers here about a month prior. I wanted to do it closer to the departure date, but because my FI works on the rigs and is away most of the time it was difficult to schedule.
  3. Thanks so much ladies, I feel much better about it all now! Hope to run into some of you with at the GBP next week!
  4. So I was all proud of myself because I wasn't freaking out or stressing yet, and then my dad brought up the weather report for Playa del Carmen.....there is rain for everyday in the forecast! How likely is that to change?
  5. I've been to Mexico a few times, and my two cents is that the weather in December would not be as fabulous as in April. We've been in January before (to the Cancun side) and it was warm during the day and quite chilly in the evenings, plus I never got a good tan. December would also be a more expensive time, and less people are able to travel due to commitments they may have for the holidays or for work as it is year end for most companies. April is warmer, less busy (unless you go during Easter). I looked at criteria like that as we had originally thought about November or February, and eventually we settled on May (we leave in 8 days!).
  6. Thank you so much for posting this, its definitely true that we take all of our loved ones for granted; especially those who are closest to us. All of our friends and family say that my FI and I are very mushy, he works out of town for 2 weeks at a time and is only home for a week. We try to spend as much time together when he is home, and we are always telling each other how much we love the other and we are always hugging, cuddling and holding hands; even in public (although we're not the over the top make out everywhere type of couple). But neither one of us will ever wonder if how the other one feels, its all said in words or by gestures. I do remind myself often to just take the time to enjoy it with my FI, even if its a little nap and cuddle in the middle of the day, its those little things that make a relationship. Again, thank you so much for posting this reminder so we all remember to take a time out and appreciate why and for who we are doing all this wedding planning. Your neighbours will be in my prayers. ~Maja
  7. Hello ladies! As life doesn't stop while planning weddings, my bridesmaids mother in law passed away suddenly last week and therefore my bridesmaid isn't able to make the trip (we leave in 9 days). My older brother who I am quite close with is filling in as a Bridesman, but since I have done all the shopping for a bridesmaid, what do I get him as a gift? Thanks for all your ideas in advance!
  8. Wow, I had no idea there are so many of us there that week! We arrive on May 19th (9 more sleeps!) and are getting married at the Tulum gazebo on May 22 at 4pm. I will be checking my email while in Mexico (because of work) so feel free to drop me a line when you arrive and we can grab a drink, its on me maja.yycre@gmail.com
  9. So I need advice on a bit of a sensitive topic. My FI and I are wondering if asking a Groomsman to step down from his position is the right thing to do. One of my Bridesmaids mother in law passed away this week (a big F**k you to cancer, she was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and told she had at least 6 months!). For obvious reasons my Bridesmaid is unable to come as we are 16 days from departure. I don't want to try and fill her spot with anyone else as it would not feel genuine to me, but should we ask one of the Groomsmen to step down from his "duties"? My FI thinks it would be weird to have uneven numbers, and I really have no idea what to do.
  10. Has anyone used iron on transfers on these bags? I would love to have confirmation if the fabric is right for it. Thanks!
  11. Ok, I need to say this to someone; because although I'm kinda annoyed, all you can do is laugh about it. At my bridal shower I received several gift cards to a department store here in Canada, since 3 of them did not have the value written down I called the number on the back of the card to get the totals. Well, one card which had no To: From: info on it had a value of $97.49, obviously a regift they didn't realize they used (I hope). Since I had all the gifts written out, I knew exactly who it was from. And for their wedding we gave them $300 cash, and I just bought their newborn a great gift! Some people!
  12. Oh, and also....has anyone done treatments at the Spa there? I want to take my bridal party with me to the spa the morning of the wedding, that being said I don't want to have a massage, or any mud treatments the day of just in case my skin reacts or something. What are the Water Therapy Treatments, etc.? Would those be something we could do that day to hang out and relax?
  13. Exactly one month till our departure today! Can't believe how close it is getting! I've got a few questions as I start getting my welcome booklets ready: 1. We're going to have a welcome dinner the second evening we are there, we'd love to have a stag/stagette type thing at the resort, and we want to keep it pretty low key as we're not into major partying anymore. I was thinking the boys can go to the sports bar for a bit, and the girls can go to another bar at the resort, then we can all meet up at the disco. Any recommendations on doing something like this, and where we should go? 2. What time does the live music start at the Tulum Lobby Bar? We're getting married at 4 and dinner is at 6, so I am going to recommend our guests have drinks there before dinner. Is that the best location, and will they have some live music to listen to? 3. Do the 24 hour snack bars put away the alcohol at midnight? I thought I read that somewhere, but I've been to other resorts where you can serve your own drinks in the snack bar all night. What should I expect at the GBP? 4. How far in advance do I need to make spa reservations? Thanks girls! ~Maja
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