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  1. We always have brides who tell us about different family dramas or cancellations or even show up on wedding days and are told not to photograph the best man or maid of honor (a married couple) because they had a fight with the bride and groom the day before the wedding... Crazy things happen with people, they are all so unpredictable and just when you thought you were comfortable understanding someone, something changes real fast and a choice can be made about that relationship... the advice from my wife regarding this issue when planning our invite list was to "LET IT GO MATEO"... ok, i
  2. Thanks Tammy We are proud. sxcT (or Taryn) We will see you 11/18 Excited too! Abrazos fuertes de me hi co.
  3. Its my pleasure to introduce 3 International Award Winning Photographers. Rachel gets a first place!!!! Melissa gets two in the top 10... Jonathan has 2 amazing couple shots! La Luna Blog Post here: Great shot Rachel, love the wind action here. I believe this client had some rain on their wedding, amazing snaps do come from rainy days! I love these next two top ten finishers from Melissa, showcasing a flowing dress in a staircase...
  4. Awesome review, thanks for taking time to write comments
  5. Awesome that you had a great experience...thanks for the review on La Luna We love your photos.
  6. Thank you Melissa. I love the image just after the ceremony with your heads face to face, grinning like lovers on the happiest day of your life... bliss! Saludos and congrats. Thank you for your kind comments about the La Luna Team. We will see you next time for your TTD on your anniv! PS, love the review you did on the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo and your comments on Lily, thats very helpful!
  7. Gracias Cana! It was a pleasure to service you amiga... I loved the Xcaret Ceremony location, the entire day was amazing.
  8. I love the candid shot of you on the balcony with your veil blowing in the wind... then the next frame with Christofer's hand on the shoulder of the groomsman... awesome! Thanks for posting here.
  9. Thank you Courtney for the kind words on the team! In total, counting all the del sol admin and other photogs, we are 12 artists striving to make people happy, luckily for us on your wedding day, we had 2 more beautiful people with smiles on, ear to ear! Your wedding day was amazing!
  10. HOLA Kristen Thanks for shout out Rachel is pretty popular with our brides, so much so that her availability is limited So glad she can be part of your big day!!! June 30 2012, thats some serious planning
  11. We are excited to have you Sirena! NEXT WEEK! HOLY WOW!
  12. Thanks Natalia for your your kind comments, its was a pleasure to be of service and these photos are awesome! Awesome review on the hotel too! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/24314/aventura-spa-palace/2170#post_1630739
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