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  1. We always have brides who tell us about different family dramas or cancellations or even show up on wedding days and are told not to photograph the best man or maid of honor (a married couple) because they had a fight with the bride and groom the day before the wedding... Crazy things happen with people, they are all so unpredictable and just when you thought you were comfortable understanding someone, something changes real fast and a choice can be made about that relationship... the advice from my wife regarding this issue when planning our invite list was to "LET IT GO MATEO"... ok, i listen when she speaks and this one told me it would be ok... even though there were some "must be there" peeps that simply couldnt make it. Uggh. What came from that was an amazing wedding story... We shared with our family and friends and were appreciative that the ones who did make it, made it... like my late 92 year old grandmother... seeing her that day was incredible. The family and close friends that do make it will continue to forge a strong bond with you as you move on with life. The photo memories you have will clue in all the others how UNREAL the day really was... so invest in your photographer well in anticipation to show those who really should have been there the way thing really happened, you will be amazed at their reaction. Also, what we can't change is that media plays a big role using war and hate and crime as a fear factor to sour minds... News media can sensationalize any topic (especially mehico) and suddenly everybody is afraid...huh? I like what Kelly said: it's going to be the wedding we want, no matter what. *words of wisdom amiga* Saludos, mat
  2. Thanks Tammy We are proud. sxcT (or Taryn) We will see you 11/18 Excited too! Abrazos fuertes de me hi co.
  3. Its my pleasure to introduce 3 International Award Winning Photographers. Rachel gets a first place!!!! Melissa gets two in the top 10... Jonathan has 2 amazing couple shots! La Luna Blog Post here: Great shot Rachel, love the wind action here. I believe this client had some rain on their wedding, amazing snaps do come from rainy days! I love these next two top ten finishers from Melissa, showcasing a flowing dress in a staircase...
  4. HOLA Kristen Thanks for shout out Rachel is pretty popular with our brides, so much so that her availability is limited So glad she can be part of your big day!!! June 30 2012, thats some serious planning
  5. We are excited to have you Sirena! NEXT WEEK! HOLY WOW!
  6. Here are a few of our favs... Their getting ready was at Villa Gauguin in Akumal, read her review here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/villa-gauguin-akumal/reviews/4681 The ceremony had the music of the amazing Javier Rojas: http://www.javierrojas.com.mx/en/bio.html'>http://www.javierrojas.com.mx/en/bio.html I've seen Javier at hundreds of weddings. I enjoy my friendly hug every time I see him! he is a NO BRAINER for any wedding ceremony: http://www.javierrojas.com.mx/en/bio.html Drinks at the amazing Al Cielo hotel, you can read her review on Al Cielo here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/al-cielo-hotel/reviews/4682 and the hotel setup for dinner:
  7. Thanks Amiga We are stoked to be a part of your big day and are excited to work on the folio of images for you! Mucho Saludos Supermodel
  8. La Luna is excited to join forces with BDWF brides and some awesome vendors to provide a special incentive to book an amazing wedding package. Le Reve Hotel + La Luna (and of course del Sol) are excited to promote each other in a package deal. details here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/73510/del-sol-photography-la-luna-photography-hotel-lereve-bdwf-promotion Let the fun begin! Thanks for your support! More photos coming soon!
  9. Gracias for saying HOLA! Thanks for the kind words Good luck planning and hopefully Melissa can get you all you need to plan your wedding !
  10. Gracias Michelle! We love our job, are very thankful to shoot your wedding amiga!
  11. I just wanted to do a quick follow up and post a few photos. Here is a recent wedding from Jonathan + Melissa. They got excellent images, real awesome photojournalism storytelling and some sexy portraits. Lots of details and a clear union of amigos...lots of love with this group! http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/slideshows/lindsay-jared This one was shot at Barcelo maya tropical. Photo by Jonathan Photo by Jonathan Photo by Melissa Photo by Melissa Photo by Melissa Photo by Jonathan Photo by Melissa At Barcelo, you are on point looking west and in the winter months, you have killer sunset views, reflections are abundant. Photo by Jonathan Photo by Jonathan Here is a link to Lindsey's review on BDWF as well: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/la-luna-photography/reviews#4183 Thanks for watching
  12. let us know how we can help you, La Luna says ok
  13. AMAZING update. Al cielo is getting a FULL ON makeover. We recently visited during part of their construction, alls I got to say is wow. Looks like they are adding rooms, plunge pools, a new master suite... Several new rooms. The entire restaurant area is being redone... can't wait. AS SOON AS we can stay there, we will be delivering a full report on their status and a preview of the amazing changes coming! here is an image from a recent visit:
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