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  1. Photos from my wedding at Cancun Palace August 2011. Enjoy: http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/gallery/jonathan/weddings/lynn-louis/
  2. Hey Alysa! I hope the wedding planning is going well for you! Brides, for whoever is interested, please email me, I am happy to help you book your wedding through my membership rates and incentives!! Any Palace Resort property applies except the Dominican!. Here are my wedding photos from Cancun Palace. http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/gallery/jonathan/weddings/lynn-louis/
  3. Photos from my wedding at Cancun Palace August 2011. Enjoy: http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/gallery/jonathan/weddings/lynn-louis/
  4. I had a wedding of 80 guests, and was required to purchase the day passes, it did all work out. I used outside vendors for almost everything. You can't get around the fee, I tried and tried. All of my guests also stayed at the same resort, I had no problems with guests staying in other hotels. I hope this helps.
  5. Ladies, I had an inquiry today regarding my wedding emailed Lisa, apparently Lisa is no longer with Palace Resorts. I am a member and it has been rumored that the Palace is making Managerial changes for the better as far as customer service, and one of the main goals I have heard was to close the MIami office and move operations to Mexico. So hopefully we will see some better CS from them.
  6. My dad is super cute, he really makes the mood for all the photos!! As I waited to walk down the aisle with him in the hotel halway, he looks at me and wipes his eyes and says, "I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm not emotional, why am I crying?"
  7. This post is for all of the brides that want to see wedding photos at Cancun Palace, I know they are in limited supply, as I was too searching for them before my wedding. Photography shot by La Luna Photographers! http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/gallery/jonathan/weddings/lynn-louis/ Ciao, Lynn
  8. I was just married at CP August 13th, if you have any questions. Best, Lynn
  9. Hello, I am not sure if you are refering to Beach Palace or Cancun palace, but I know for a fact that Cancun palace has an entire convention center, and we are having our reception in a ballroom there. They have 3-4 balroom/conference rooms.
  10. Amanda, You are not entirely correct. Member rates are for Superior Deluxe Ocean which are the 3rd tier in room pricing, they are not the cheapest rooms. I do not disagree that you probably found a ta to find you the cheapest deal they had, and that rate was less than the one I quoted you, that is entirely possible, but not under the same room category. As far as group benefits, the resort has confirmed with me that they do not apply unless the rooms are booked with the hotel directly, and specifically the weddings department. You may want to call the hotel to confirm this. Member rates come with 1 mani/1 pedi 1 backmassage per person per room booked, other rates do not. TA's take an additional 20% on top of any weddings collection that is booked through the palace, so you might want to figure that in as an extra that you have to pay. Finally if you book through the hotel weddings under my membership you can cancel/change your reservation at anytime, no penalty. Other companies, charge a cancellation fee, some are pretty hefty. Thanks and have a great day, and no worries. Good luck with your wedding!
  11. If anyone is interested in booking a wedding at the palace resorts, including the Moon, please PM me I am a member and happy to let you use my discounted rates on packages and rooms, etc. They don't deduct weeks from my membership, and I am happy to help out any bride in need, especially one on a tight budget. please send me a private message! Thanks and good luck ladies.
  12. I have been to Cozumel palace 3 times and witnessed weddings there, they are done on a terrace on the 3rd floor overlooking the reef and ocean, usually around sunset. Very very beautiful and quiet!
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