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I only have two bridesmaids, and I decided to make their bouquets since I wanted something that coordinated with my brooch bouquet.


Supplies to make 2 bridesmaids bouquets:

(3) 10†real touch cymbidium orchid bouquets (http://www.afloral.com/10-Cymbidium-Orchid-Bouquet-in-Green-Burgundy)

14 real touch calla lilies (from Hobby Lobby)

2 bunches plastic grass stuff (not sure of the name, Iâ€m sorry! From Hobby Lobby)

Glass beads on stems (http://www.afloral.com/10mm-Faceted-Bouquet-Beads-in-Silver-12-Pieces)

18†20-gauge green wire

Floral tape


Needle-nosed pliers

Wire cutters

Glue gun

Ribbon for handles


Rhinestone initials, $1 each in the Oopsie section (www.bouquetjewels.com)



Each bridesmaidâ€s bouquet got 7 callas and 13-14 orchids, a rhinestone initial and 7 of these grass/bead swoopy things.



1. For each of the grass-bead swoops, I took two pieces of grass and one glass bead on 12†wire, and taped them with floral tape, onto a folded piece of 20-gauge wire.

01 IMG_3319.JPG


(This one doesnâ€t have the glass bead in it)

02 IMG_3321.JPG


03 IMG_3352.JPG


2. Tape three orchids together to make the center of the bouquet, and tape the callas around them. Tape the remaining orchids around the outside, alternating with the grass/bead swoops.

04 IMG_3340.JPG


05 IMG_3334.JPG


06 IMG_3349.JPG


3. Trim the stems a few inches below the tape, and seal with hot glue.

08 IMG_3362.JPG


4. Place the rhinestone initial in the center of the bouquet.

09 IMG_3341.JPG

10 IMG_3368.JPG


5. Wrap the stems in ribbon and secure with pins.

11 IMG_3372.JPG


12 IMG_3371.JPG


 13 IMG_3382.JPG


14 IMG_3381.JPG


 15 IMG_3380.JPG


16 IMG_3366.JPG


17 IMG_3392.JPG

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They look great!!

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Thanks, girls! My bridesmaids like them and are happy so I'm happy :-) I might end up swapping the ribbon color depending on their dresses, we'll see!

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