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  1. Our photos files are too big to upload but here are two links for some wedding day and day after sessions. We loved our photographer so much, I would hire her again in a heartbeat! Wedding day. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151658715773482.1073741839.100797038481&type=1 Day after session. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151687308673482.1073741842.100797038481&type=1
  2. I have been married 22 days now!!!!! Overall the wedding was great. I wish that I had done more planning in terms of the timeline on the wedding day. I didn't realize that no one really knew what was going on and what time the photographer was supposed to arrive and when to be ready. My husband asked me on the wedding day whats going on....it was a little annoying because I thought he knew what was going on but I didn't realize I never told him! Make sure that you just relax on the wedding day and try to enjoy it. Don't let things bring you down. I was annoyed right before the ceremony because one of my bridesmaids forgot her flowers and her boyfriend was going back to the house to get it. He ended up not making it back until almost the end of the ceremony because two of the guests had decided to go get their nails done and were still getting ready, they asked him to wait for them to go to the beach for the ceremony. Shame on me to think that one of them was a good friend. That was all I could think about during the ceremony and afterwards while taking pictures. It basically ruined it for me. I wish that we had done a rehearsal so that everyone knew what they were doing. I wish that I didn't have our parents cook for the reception and had an actual reception. I tried to keep costs down so we rented a beach house and our parents cooked, i wished that they could have enjoyed it more instead of cooking. I wish that I wasn't so cheap with some of the things (i bought cheaper robes for the girls and wish that I had gotten better quality ones) I am so glad that I picked my bridesmaids because they were so supportive and easy going. There was no bridesmaid drama at all during the wedding planning process. I am glad that I picked my husband! LOL I am also very happy with the photographer we picked (Dede Edwards Photography) I am glad I picked my wedding dress and diy flowers I am happy with the beach house we rented and the location for our wedding (Destin, FL) The timing was also good because the weather was perfect. I'm happy with the DIY projects that I did (first aid kits, welcome kits, invitations) In the end you married the love of your life and that's all that really matters. All the little details and things that may or may not go right will be faint memories because no matter how bad things go you will choose to remember the happy moments and the fact that you are now married. Good luck to all the bride to be's and thank you to everyone that has helped me and posted templates for everyone to use and share. I admit that I am sad that I am no longer a bride but I will live vicariously through other bride to be's <3 Nancy
  3. I have been thinking of doing a fan program but now im reconsidering since it is another thing to carry.
  4. I completely understand where all of you are coming from. We were bracing ourselves for this from the moment we decided to have a destination wedding. We are actually hiding this part of our wedding from our extended family (aunts/uncles/cousins, etc) because of everything you girls have mentioned. Only our parents and siblings as well as bridal party know and only they are invited to this part of our wedding. We will be having a at home reception and that is the only part that the extended family knows about, however at this reception we will tell everyone as a surprise that we got married 2 months ago. We will also have pictures from it running all night. I am bracing myself for pissed off family members, especially mine because they are EXTREMELY opinionated. But like so many people have said.....it's our wedding and we are going to do what makes us happy. I/We don't tell other people what kind of wedding they should have so why are they telling us?
  5. wow i need to start spending more time on the forums to get my posts....i want to open these templates!
  6. I think i am going to make these for myself and my bridesmaids and moh. Thanks for the instructions!
  7. Wow thats very nice of you to do! when you have a chance could you make it in charcoal gray and blood red? CHARCOAL GRAY BLOOD RED Thanks so much!
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