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  1. Muchas gracias! She did an amazing job Hope you experience the same!
  2. I searched as best as I could to make sure I wasn't repeating my post, but I didn't see anything. I just wanted to share my TTD pics with the community, esp. to my Chocolate Brides out there who might be afraid to get their hair wet, lol. The links are below: http://www.ebony.com/photos/style/black-wedding-style-bride-goes-underwater http://www.vimeo.com/26791034 (Wedding clip vid) http://www.shariann-kofi.auroragphotography.com/ (photog's gallery) Here are some teasers: Enjoy ladies!
  3. Trash the Dress....yes or no???
  4. BeesBride, My apologies for my late response. I hope my answer is still somewhat relevant! In total, we held 10 rooms.
  5. 2012mrstobe, I still have my email notifications set so I can respond to this thread. The photographer I used, Aurora Gutierrez, was someone I found while researching. My venue came with a photographer as part of my package, so I had 3 photogs that day (2 photogs and 1 assistant). Aurora divides her time I think between Southern California (Studio Eternity) and Mexico (AuroraGPhotography). I believe her headquarters, if you will, is Mexico. She lived 4 hrs from our venue, so I paid her toll fare since she drove. She was so wonderful and extremely personable. A really lovely person, as well a
  6. Thank you so much for the kind words! The TTD was so much fun. I wash my weaves all the time, so getting it wet was no problem for me. The sand came out very easily. Hoping all the best for your big day
  7. $15,000??!!? Like real currency, CAD or US? Wow, lol. I'd be laughing in their faces too. No offense to those who worked with them, but I don't think La Luna gets the point of destination weddings. They're supposed to be cheaper. That's more than the cost of most DWs in their entirety. I came across a few togs with outrageous prices myself. Some people just believe their own hype. While I believe in quality, I don't believe in overspending to get it. Even with a recession, that amount is ridiculous, lol.
  8. @LonaJ: Thank you very much! I didn't feel l was at my absolute best on my day, but I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, lol. My dress was made by Pronovias of Barcelona, Spain. They are one of my favorite design houses, so I had to get one! The original one I wanted was called Enebro, but they discontinued it. I was heartbroken, but I this was 2nd on my list anyway, so it all worked out. I named my dress Lupe, lol. All the best to you in your wedding planning. Feel free to contact me if you need any advice, help, etc.
  9. My wedding was during the hot season for my location, so plan accordingly! My hair was a virgin Indian weave and it seized up like you wouldn't believe! I like my weaves to be on the silky side, but decided for my wedding to go with a weave more in line with my hair's natural texture. It looked TOO real if you can understand me, lol. The weave became big, puffy, and frizzy in that kind of humid Mexican heat. My own hair does that so it was super annoying to pay money to deal with my own type of hair, lol. It was very hard to style as a result. The hotel hairdressser did what she could, but my
  10. Photography was a MAJOR deal, but I didn't want to break the bank over it. We hired a local photographer, Aurora Gutierrez, and a Canadian videographer, UrbanVid (of Urban Weddings). Local does not equal no quality. She's got 5 years in the business, comes highly recommended, and still works out of Southern California, where she's originally from. We got a sweet deal with Aurora: A 30-pg coffee table album for us (12x12), 2 parent albums (6x6), a 12x16 photo, 8x11, 5x7, and several wallet sized photos. We also got a CD slideshow set to music and a website for our guests. Additionally, she was
  11. You don't have to necessarily trash it. You can make your own rules. Ride horseback, pose by ruins, stroll thru a town, play in a park, pose in an ice cream shop, etc. TTD can be anything really. It's just your dress in an unconventional location.
  12. I was just trying to get a more rounded view of the problem. I obviously don't know your family dynamics. However, just because someone was raised by their grandparents doesn't mean their parents are out of the picture or don't matter. It appears your parents matter, as you want them involved in your wedding. If advice was what you were seeking, may I suggest you just privately sit down with them and explain your feelings? You want them to be apart of the day as much as possible, but it's a little sad for you that they seem to be distant? I'm not trying to impose or make assumptions. If the po
  13. Is it possible that one of your parents is still grieving over the loss of their parent? Perhaps they're preoccupied with the aftermath of dealing with estate issues and the headaches involved with that. They may not even realize they're being "unsupportive."
  14. I forgot all about this thread, lol. So B2Bs, you'll experience everyone being on board at first, only to have the numbers dwindle. Folks will avoid your calls/emails about booking. You'll panic about numbers. But I've learned that those who take those steps to go initially, are who will be there for you. Actions always speak louder than words. We lost the original best man due to his jealousy and his own wedding (which he failed to inform until too late to go anyway). I've stopped speaking to people who just lied about what they were going to do. It really tests your relationships and your me
  15. @ cupcake and mrstgunn: What in the world is this even all about? First of all, the vent made absolutely no sense. I wasn't able to figure out what was going on until mrstgunn responded in all honesty. Second, this should be between the two of you. If you can't talk it out, then move on. I honestly cannot figure out what the problem is. Cupcake's mad because she allegedly said your non-denominational ceremony was doomed? Or because she allegedly called you an atheist? Or Cupcake allegedly said mrstgunn's beliefs were offensive? If either of you did these things, how does that change the price
  16. When I was looking around for photogs, Liz suggested him to me as well. I didn't think his packages were big enough, so I never booked. Maybe you could ask her if he has a complete wedding portfolio?
  17. You can try Etsy seller Erin Nicole. Her store is Erin Nicole's Boutique. All she does is make convertible dresses to fit each person. The dresses, at last look, were $89/each. If anyone is plus size, or would like to add a tube top for add'l support, then extra fees were incurred. I found her to be a little difficult, as the dresses were not finished the day I asked for, but they still arrived on time. Other than that, the dresses were great.
  18. Here's the rundown: Budget: $1000 max. I wasn't trying to have another wedding, but the budget is creeping up. Type: Very informal, but nicely put together. It's an all-white party. We're renting a room in a church gym. When: Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011 for 4.5 hrs. Food: African, Jamaican, and American foods. Lots of light appetizers, some heavier foods for buffet dinner, and a dessert bar. Clothes: I'm wearing a traditional Ghanaian dress. My DH will be wearing the male version (He's Ghanaian). Invitations: Sent off already. We basically got one of our photos from the wedding, us
  19. Thanks to you both ladies! Everyone loved their look. I'm glad they were happy with it. The Best Man has worn the pieces in different arrangement a few times at church which makes me feel good that he can wear it again.
  20. Doing a TTD doesn't stop anyone from donating their dress. I did a TTD in my designer wedding gown. I'm planning on cleaning it, having it at my AHR, selling it, and donating the proceeds to my favorite charities. Or, I may donate the gown to military brides, which I've always wanted to do. The dress is yours to do what you will until you give it away. No one is required to donate their dress simply because others can't afford it. It's a nice gesture, but people must do it because their spirit moves them to. I understand where you're coming from, but I don't see how using one's dress and clean
  21. I don't presume to know JLo and the inner workings of her relationships/mind, but here are my thoughts based on what I've seen. She reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor. Some women just need to BE in love and have that feeling of euphoria of the "this time might be it." I watched E.T.'s bio after she died (RIP), and she basically admitted to this. JLO has been married three times: Ojani Something, Chris Something (the backup dancer), and Marc Anthony. She's been engaged twice: Sean P. Diddy Coombs and Ben Affleck. From my understanding, she met Marc Anthony quite early on, even possibly before Ojani
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