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My boarding pass STD! How I made them, pics & supply list!

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I have finally finished, and mailed, my boarding pass save the dates! I am so excited! These took a lot of work, and a lot of hours, but in the end it was all worth it! I got the template for the boarding passes from Ayleebits.com: (http://www.ayleebits.com/templates.htm). I love her site. I was able to get a ton of ideas for what to put on the background. Ultimately, I decided on a beachy scene. I hadnâ€t picked my colors (at least, not in stone) when I made these, so I wanted to make it neutral. I seriously had 7 different versions of this, but it came down to the wire, and I chose this one cheesy.gif I entered all the pictures and the information myself on the template I got from Aylee using MS Word.


When I was done with the template, I downloaded our guestlist/address book into a MS Excel document then created a mail merge in MS Word. I also downloaded a bunch of different fonts from www.dafont.com (Minya Nouvelle, Champignon, A Yummy Apology, Tropicana BV for the shapes like a starfish is P) I also got a few from http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/. I really like both of those sites for fonts. The fonts for peas fonts are a little difficult to use due to spacing issues. Some of the handwriting fonts need to be such a large size, that they end up taking up the entire page of your boarding pass.


My boarding pass was four pages. We requested a “tentative RSVP†since we need to get an idea of who all thinks the trip to Mexico for our wedding will be in their budget. I made the last page the RSVP and designed our own return label to attach to both the outer envelope and the back of the boarding pass, so the final page could be detached and sent back like a postcard (of course a stamp was on there too). If I were to do it over again, I would do the “tentative RSVP†differently. I had to buy stamps for all 66 invitations to be sent out ($0.81) and to attach to the return card ($0.44), so for all 66 invitations, we spent about $85! Ouch msncry.gif. Mistake! I have designed a webpage for our wedding (mikeandmandywedding.org) and there is an RSVP link that I shouldâ€ve put on the boarding pass, instead of using a return postcard-thatâ€s my advice for future brides!


So, back to the design of the boarding pass…I purchased white shimmer cardstock, and cream rectangle envelopes from paperandmore.com, then also went to Archivers and bought blue, teal, green, and coral shimmer cardstock for the boarding pass holder. (total spent on supplies (using coupons for cardstock at archivers) was $67.43. I purchased the Raffia, and ribbon from Michaels (about $3 each) and borrowed the supplies to emboss the boarding pass ticket jackets from my future mother in law. I used the template #2 (ayleebits.com again) and cut out my own version of the ticket jacket. I used sand stamps with golden sand embossing powder, and a blue/teal mixture of embossing powder for the seashells. I also put rhinestones on the outer jacket and the boarding pass front page.


Kinkos was my second home for the cutting process. I took my white metallic cardstock and my thumb drive to Kinkos and printed 66 invitations onto the cardstock costing me about $13. Then they cut them for me into boarding pass sizes, and my Mom and I spent DAYS rounding the corners and cutting out the notches! Once they were all cut out, I used a special grommet tool, and put a grommet in the corner to hold the 4 pages together. Then tied a ribbon through the grommet, inserted the boarding passes into the ticket jacket, and put them in an outer cream envelope and tied them with Raffia. For the labels, I had purchased the clear mailing labels from paperandmore.com, so I used my mail merge to print out each address, and my return address, and mailed them out! Thatâ€s it!


To summarize the supplies I used:


  • 66 sheets blue, green, aqua, coral shimmer cardstock (Archivers $0.59/sheet, email coupons)


  • Kinkos printing and cutting services ($0.19/print on my paper, free cutting because I batted my eyelashes msnwink.gif


  • Wet Embossing powder in blue/teal, and golden sand (found at Archivers for $5 each)


  • 3 stamps-Seashells, Sand, and a “handmade with love†stamp all found at Archivers ($7 each)


  • Embossing gun (looks like a blowdryer, but heats to ridiculous strength! Careful!


  • Last I used sticky rhinestones, Raffia, and Ribbon from Michaels.


This is the Boarding pass ticket jacket. Embossed with Teal/Blue, and golden sand embossing powder (looks so real if you add a touch of teal to it!)

Boarding pass ticket jacket 1


Another closer view of the ticket jacket.

Boarding pass ticket jacket 2


The inside of the ticket jacket.


Inside jacket



The Boarding Pass itself!

Page 1) Save the Date, Pack a bag….

Page 2) Booking information/Travel agent information

Page 3)Traveling information (passports, hotel website, dates)

Page 4) Tentative RSVP –Weâ€re on board or not…


Page 1 Boarding pass STD

Page 2)

Page 2 Boarding pass STD


Page 3)

Page 3 Boarding pass STD


Page 4)

Page 4 Boarding pass STD


Okay!  That's it for now...on to the next DIY project!

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Those came out so well!  Thanks for all the details.  I was trying to figure out how much it would cost me to make mine, and this was helpful!  Congrats!

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Thanks for such a detailed write-up! Excellent info.


I'm really excited to hear that Kinko's cut them for you... I'm hoping to take advantage of that - even if batting my lashes doesn't make it free cheesy.gif

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Torilynnsmith-I used some clipart images from my computer and then saved it and inserted into powerpoint to change the dimensions and colors like I wanted them (I used the washout feature). If you need help finding one and getting it to be washout style let me know and I will help you!


Skp1-I did set the bar high for my invites....a little too high!  Oops! I didn't even think of that when I was making them!



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Very nice work!  I bet your guests enjoyed recieving them!

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