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  1. I really love your boarding tickets. I am wondering can you send me the template for the ticket jackets? I don't have enough posts yet Thanks kt_bp1@yahoo.com
  2. I was thinking of making the ring bearer's pillow out of my great-grandmother's handkercheifs
  3. i really like the idea of a private reveal and then having photos with the family before. I think this can really help out, especially if you want a sunset wedding like I do. I never thought about this but it makes perfectly good sense. thanks for the advice, I will be using it
  4. i love the starfish attached to the fans and the symbolic meaning of it. I think I will steal that idea and run with it. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I have been searching kind of the same thing, except for my sister and friend who have passed about a year ago and want to incorporate both of them.I will leave an empty chair for my sister and will also have here own bouquet on the chair. On the program I am going to write you are here in spirit, always loved and never forgotten, for the both of them. I came across something that might be of help to you. Someone had a picture on the table of their loved ones with the flowers that they would have and have a candle lit in their seats for the whole celebration. Hope this gives you some ideas
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