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For the supplies - I don't think it was over $40. I ended up buying way too much stuff and so I took some supplies back and have lots of extra ribbon.


What I USED was this:

2 rolls of flower tape

1 roll of flower wire - I only needed a little of this

1 box of pearl pins (put down the stems on the flowers and will use to attach bouts and corsages)

Ribbon: 2 rolls white (I used wide ribbon, but overlapped it quite a bit), 1 roll dark green and 1 roll each light green and purple (accents)

1 package of small Starfish charms

Glue gun (to seal the ends of the ribbons - they have one for $2 at Michaels, I'm taking it with me to Jamaica to fix anything that may come lose)


You also will need some good wire cutters to cut through some of the stems (we already had these)


To transport them I found 2 plastic boxes that fit them perfectly - and I will just stuff small stuff in the extra spaces. The boxes were $5 each at London Drugs. If they squish a little it's OK, we can re-shape them when we get there. They fit into a suitcase easily, and there was lots of room left to pack with other stuff.



Hope that helps! It is a lot of work, but it was fun putting it all together....get your mom/friends to help you with the ribbon and pushing in the pins!! That part takes a lot of time..





Originally Posted by kim0806 View Post

Those look so great!  Really makes me want to give it a shot!  Would you mind telling us what the supplies cost you?  Also, how are you going to transport them?  I would worry about them getting all squished!


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