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  1. Hi! I have 15 4X6 Photo Albums that I'm looking to sell. I had orignally purchased them to make my Welcome Booklets for my guest but ran out of time to make them, now they're collecting dust. They hold 36 photos and are generally a nice little photo album. Looking to sell them for $10 CAD obo. Local pickup in the Markham/Toronto area only. Thanks!
  2. I have a bag of unused assorted white and pink ribbon I am looking to sell. Different sizes/widths. $5 CAD. Local Pickup in the Markham/Toronto area only.
  3. I have a box of assorted seashells that I collected over the course of wedding planning and were not used. They range in size and colour. Looking for $10 CAD obo. Local pickup in the Markham/Toronto area only.
  4. Hi Ladies! Does anyone know the cost of using the safe in the room? I don't like the idea of leaving my money and my passport just lying around in the room. Did anyone use them??
  5. We arrive on the 29th and the wedding is the 31st! I'm so excited but I have so much to do!!
  6. Oh my gosh! Less than two weeks until we leave!! So excited but so much to do!!
  7. Your monograms look awesome! Love the colours. I'm going to have to check out that link myself.
  8. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! I agree with the rest of the ladies that your TTD photos are phenomenal!
  9. These look amazing! I just started mine and I know how challenging they can be to make!
  10. Today I was in the Dollarama and saw some really cute multi-coloured tea-light lanterns and I think they were $2. They were pretty light and looked nice.
  11. The very first centerpiece was totally the inspiration for my own centerpieces at my AHR!! I think they're so cute and I lucked out and got most of my materials at the Dollarama!!
  12. Hi cdillad! I'm using a veil as I was cornered into one by my mother, but once I tried it on it was like magic! I love the idea of my veil floating in the sea-breeze (as cheesy as that sounds)! As for a flowergirl dress, we found ours on-line at Davids Bridal, it's very cute and they offer different price points.
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