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I had seen these on Etsy and figured that they were really cute and something I could make for a fraction of the cost. So here are my results and instructions.


I purchases black acrylic paint, white pearlized acrylic paint, crackle medium, two wooden plaques and foam brushes from Michaels. I painted both plaques with the black paint and allowed to dry.




I then painted a thick coat of the crackle medium over the black paint and allowed to dry over night. The thicker the crackle, the deeper the cracks.




The pearlized paint was semi transparent so I decided to do two coats.




I still wasn't happy with the look, so I added a third coat, and then used a wet foam brush to add some black into the cracks.




Eventually , I was pleased with the background. I printed out the words "Bride" and "Groom" onto regular paper to fit the plaques. I used a pen to trace the outline of the words onto the plaques. This left an indentation in the paint that was barely visible. Finally, I used a very fine paint brush to paint the words onto the plaques.




I plan on using the same technique to decorate a wooden treasure chest for our ring bearer.






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These turned out well!!! I may be using the same technique to paint my "reserved" signs for the parents =) Thanks for the instructions!! Did you get your wooden plaques from Michaels too?

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