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Hi Everyone!


I thought it might be cool to have one thread for pics of Boarding Pass Invites/STDs - there might already be one like this but I couldn't find one sooooo....this is my attempt at a DIY STD.  It's not as professional looking as some templates, but it only cost me about $65 to make 200 of them.  I bought the cards at Staples and then just printed on my computer at home so I was more concerned with the budget factor to my STDs than the details of the card!

Post your pics of Boarding Pass invites and STDs too!

Boarding Pass 2Boarding Pass 3Boarding Pass

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You're so lucky....I usually use my FI's eye to tweak things, which is probably not the best decision I've made in this planning process! haha. Oh well, most of the time I work my way through it but every project has a speed bump and I find myself running to the computer to check the DIY forum for tips from people that know what they are doing!

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