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A Hint for Vistaprint users wanting free stuff!!

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I have been using Vistaprint for quite a few months now, and have recieved many many free items. In January when my free offers expired, I thought I was done. I couldn't find the free offers I wanted, just the basic free stuff, and I wasn't receiving many free offers. FOr some reason, I decided to sign up for a different vistaprint account using a differnet email. I then forgot to check that email for awhile, and had nothing to order on Vistaprint. Upon checking that email, I have about 7 emails with so many free offers, I can get anything I want whenever I want!!

So, the message here is that if you have been ordering from vistaprint but haven't received many offers recently, try signing up again with another email and leaving it. I'm pretty sure they slow down the offers when you are active in ordering things!!!

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