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The Ultimate Spreadsheet for Wedding Planning (Template attached at post #12)

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Good Afternoon,


I was able to open the template and it is great but I am not sure how to personalize the drop down menu. I keep getting an error message that it is locked. Can anyone help me?


Thank You

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I saw this post and thought I would share a really great planning website (www.bridebuggy.com) that helped me through the whole planning process! I started out getting spreadsheets from everyone but it was annoying to not have something online that my fiance, mom, etc. could access at the same time, not worry about different versions being emailed around, etc. I also really hate Excel and wanted something easier - this website helped me keep track of everything from my To Do List to vendors, guests, RSVPs, drag-and drop seating, etc. And the advice listed was SO helpful! It was great to discover an online site that was actually easy to use and made specifically from the perspective of a bride who had already gone through the process - I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get organized in an easy way that feels like your own personal planning site!

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Hi ladies, I'm a newbie and would really like to open the spead sheet can anyone help me please or send it to my email? Pennyltaylor186@hotmail.com thank you I only signed up today we are looking for a mexican wedding and have spent the whole day reading your lovely stories x x x x thank you x

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