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  1. Can you please send me the template too? Thank you so much! baileyautumn@hotmail.com
  2. Hi, Aunje and Allie! So great to hear from you. I am having my ceremony at the aqueduct and reception at the Great House on November 10, 2012. I'm very excited about the wedding; however, coordinating all of the little pieces can be a bit cumbersome. At this point, I really need a good coordinator that I can trust...at least for the day of. The problem is that I haven't found anyone that I trust and I'm afraid of all the moving parts falling through the cracks. I'm considering asking all of my guests to stay at the Hilton, although I have not yet secured a contract. I'll keep you posted! Autumn
  3. We finally have a venue! I'm so excited! Has anyone else been married or had a reception at Rose Hall Great House? If so, I would love to hear more about your experience, see photos, etc.
  4. Wow, Meitra! Your wedding was beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Whatever HelenG! No matter what you say, that's a flat out rip off and you know it. I feel sorry for the silly person that pays you 20% on top of their wedding costs. That's stupid and a conflict of interest. If you are charging the bride 20% on top, what is your incentive to help the bride keep the costs at market or lower? You should be a shamed of yourself. Gouging brides. By the way, I was almost one of those silly people. Thank God you were rude to me via email before you ever got a chance. You set off alarm bells and I decided that you were NOT the type of person that I would want representing me on my wedding day. Maybe you should try a new pricing strategy and a few training courses on customer service. Pure greed.
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