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  1. We were married back in December, and I havent checked in on here in a while. Just saying happy planning to all of you future brides at Dreams!!
  2. Thank you so much ladies! Best of luck and happy planning to y'all!
  3. The good news is that Im sure can pack light for your younger son and use his extra space for additional wedding items. Between my hubby and I, we carried two 50 lb. suitcases a piece, each a large carry on bag, and each a personal item(they have people that can assist you with carrying all of your stuff at airports for a small tip or luggage carrier thingies you can use, lol). We also had a relative carry our last extra suitcase and jammed many other items in my parents suitcases and carried ons. P.S. I was advised by wedding coordinators and our travel agent not to mail things to the resort as they often get caught up at customs ultimately not making it through.
  4. No problem! If you are unable to get upgraded after all, as long as you're on the left side, atleast you won't have to make that long walk across the resort in front of a big pool of people. Im sorry, besides just making my planning thread recently, I never got around to a full length review. If you have ANY specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them though!
  5. And thank you so much! Overall, Im so happy we did the video! Its a super sweet keepsake!
  6. We only had 13 rooms booked, but that is exactly how I felt Emily. lol! My wedding was on North Beach so after they told me we could not upgrade rooms for the week, my next plea was if we could just use it for wedding day. I tried to be very sweet and convincing, but that didnt happen either tho! Overall, it wasnt that bad because atleast our honeymoon suite was on the North side so we could look down from balcony and watch the whole set up while geting ready(def request that your room be on this side if your wedding is on North Beach! we had to move from the south side and even that was tough task!) To get to the North ceremony site, you just have to go down the elevator or stairs in the building at walk past Seaside Grill. But im not going to lie, it would have been so nice to have used the room for pics and to walk straight to the site even if just for that day! From the research i did on this site in the past, it seemed as if about 60-70% of brides get upgraded, but I really just think its just luck of the draw! Our wedding was absolutely wonderful overall, but not getting upgraded after spending so much money and bringing in 28 guests sucked! lol!
  7. Emily, We too booked a honeymoon suite in hopes of being upgraded! After reading about so many other brides who were upgraded to a master or presidential suite from their honeymoon suite, I realllly got my hopes up that we would too. Long story short, it didnt happen. Even though we were married on December 1st(technically low season). there were two other weddings on my wedding day, many the days before and after, and most upper suites were booked up. I tried to politely ask the woman who checked us in at preferred club and even after that didnt work, I tipped our wedding coordinator $100 at our initial meeting, sweet talked her, then asked her as well! The woman at check in desk told me that they typically upgrade from lower levels rooms to the honeymoon suite, but not above. I was thinking yea right! She added that we could upgrade for $500. I was like, "Uh, that's not he type of upgrade i was hoping for!" lol! Hope you get an upgrade, but just giving a forewarning because this kinda started our trip sour because we wanted an upgrade so bad!
  8. Thank you so much ladies! That means so much! We had a few changes made to our highlight video, but I wanted to share our updated video with our new music choices, etc. It is a cinematography style wedding film by www.mikecantarellfilms.com. It is of great quality, and I would absolutely recommend working with them to capture these special moments on your special day! This is our updated video! https://vimeo.com/58571996 Password: Dreams
  9. Monograms I forgot to add these. I worked on several monograms when we first picked our date. I used the design you see in above posts on all of my projects. These are a few others I made on Microsoft Word and Paint that did not make the cut. Highlight Video by Cancun Wedding Video This is our highlight video by Mike Cantarell. http://vimeo.com/57546717
  10. Wedding Music This was by far the toughest part of planning for me. Sure, the most important part is and should always be marrying your one true love surrounded by those you love most. But to be honest, as detail-oriented as I myself am, I am more likely to remember a fun and unique wedding over all the small details at a reception if you get my drift. With this being said, I was very picky when it came to music, and I knew I wanted my choices to really set the tone for our wedding. I basically went for "meaningful, yet non-cheesy" mood during our ceremony, "chill" during our reception dinner and "fun and upbeat" for our reception because hubby and I love to dance. I chose all instrumental songs for our ceremony until the exit where it transitioned into a more upbeat mood. Besides that part, I wanted our wedding to be super relaxed and fun for guests. We had a mariachi trio who guests really enjoyed play during our cocktail hour while groom and I were off taking photos. Next came the reception. Overall, even with only 27 guests, it was a blast, and I credit that to our wonderful DJ keeping up with the crowd, our light-up dance floor, and some fun song choices for all ages. By the end of the night, we had break dancing, the alligator, soul train, limbo, waiters dancing with us, you name it. Lol! My advice is to really think about what kind of mood you're trying to set before choosing your songs if music is important to you too. Ceremony Choices Guests Being Seated - Breathe Me by Sia (instrumental) Groom and Bridal Party Entrance – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Piano Guys Bride Entrance – Wonderful Tonight by Vitamin String Quartet Sandy Ceremony – Time by Hans Zimmer Bridal Party Exit - I Feel So Close to You Right Now by Calvin Harris (start at .31 seconds into the song) Reception Dinner Music Baby I love your way - Big Mountain Somehow - Citizen Cope Red Red Wine - UB40 4am - Kaskade By your side - Sade Fragile Bird - City and Colour All or nothing - Mutetmath Paradise - Coldplay Mr Jones - Counting Crows Anything Bob Marley Reception Entrance of Parents and Bridal Party - I got a feeling by Black Eyed Peas Reception Entrance of Bride and Groom- Say Hey I love you by Michael Franti and Spearhead (Since we are from Louisiana, we chose this Mardi Gras beat and entered with the parasol) Bride and Groom First Dance - We are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone Cake Cutting - Cut the Cake by Average White Band Father/Daughter dance - My little Girl by Tim McGraw Mother Son dance - Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler Bouquet toss - Single Ladies by Beyonce Garter toss - Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake Reception Dance Songs (I asked for edited songs as not to offend guests) Get on Up - James Brown Shots by LMFAO (Awesome song to get a crowd going! I got our waiters to pass out shots to everyone during this song, and everyone was glued to the dance floor after.) Baby got back - Sir mix a lot Say Ahh - Trey Songz Party Rock Anthem - Pitbull ft Lil John Hey Ahh - Andre 3000 We found love - Rihianna Good times - Chic You shook me all night long - ACDC Don’t stop believing – Journey Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn Browned eyed girl - Van Morrison Marry You - Bruno mars Krazy - Pitbull A few picture from our reception.
  11. Thank you very much! The fuchsia robe came from seller Dolores Wilder on Etsy.
  12. Thank you so much Emily! I paid $150 in all for lighting through the resort. The lanterns I went with were supposed to be $10 a piece through Dreams, and I only paid for 15. But in my case and in others I've heard before mine, the staff went ahead and hung 20 lanterns when it came time to set-up so I got lucky. Amols charges $2.95 per pair of maracas. However, the site advertises that if you buy more than 12 pair, it goes down to $1.95 per pair. I knew I would have around 30 guests so I ordered extra and paid $1.95 per pair. Can't beat that price! You're getting close! Good luck my fellow Dreams Riviera bride!
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