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  1. I didn't know about this either (my wedding is in two weeks). After seeing your post, I asked my WC about it and she said it's better to work directly with her and she will add the items to my spreadsheet. This has worked fairly well, although it is a lot of back and forth and sometimes I had to wait a week or two for a confirmation.
  2. I'd love to get my hands on that supervisors email if you're willing to share.... My wedding is in a little under 3 weeks and I have a lot of things that have been poorly managed and misrepresented. Not to mention the extreme prices my CANCUN based planner is now quoting me - after I was told differently at the BDR last fall. Thanks!
  3. Quick question to you all. My fiance is figuring out the music for our welcome BBQ and cocktail hour. We have speakers for the welcome BBQ and a iPod dock for the cocktail hour. Our WC has specified that for both devices, we need an iPod with a 30-pin connection. We have an iPod with the lightning connection. Has anyone successfully used the 30-pin to lightning adapter with Lomas' equipment? It should work...but we're nervous that we could get down there and find out it won't!
  4. Sorry to scare you. I'm definitely stressing over all these extra costs. My wedding is in exactly one month from today - April 25, 2014. When is yours? I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to give in and either not have some stuff I want or just eat the cost. I'm hoping the onsite coordinator is more compassionate and reasonable. What florist are you using? I already ordered mine through the resort but I'm curious how much I would have saved. Keep me posted on how your wedding goes and if you have any recommendations - I'm only a few weeks behind you. Good luck and congrats! So you were able to get your sparklers from the resort? My WC told me they are not allowed and they would not supply them.... Who did you work with? I'm wondering if I should reach out to someone else.... Oh and did you have to use them in a specific spot at the resort? Thanks!
  5. Oh my gosh I totally agree! I am in wedding hell right now. They make it sound like having your wedding here is going to be such a wonderful, carefree, inexpensive experience. It has been anything but. Not only do my fiance and I feel like we have to hold our travel agent's hand - who is a Karisma GIVC Level 5 Diamond Wedding Consultant (so she should theoretically know her stuff) - but the resort nickel and dimes you for very last thing. They claim that your setup fee will be a MAX of $250, but NO NO NO. We are paying over $1000 for our setup. And it's really nothing extensive - and nothing they haven't done before because I have seen the pictures. Any little thing you would get elsewhere as a courtesy for booking your wedding there isn't provided. Here's how they break down the set up fees: - $250 for "general setup" -> this includes, menus on the table, setting guest book and picture frames out and programs - $250 to string lights from the Gazebo to the surrounding Palm Trees -$250 to hang the paper lanterns from the Gazebo (30 count - flat rate even if you have less lanterns) -$600 dollars to hang sheers from the Gazebo posts TO THE GROUND (Seriously, if I wasn't getting ready I could do it myself) I am beyond disgusted and they try to make you feel cheap if you ask them for more cost effective options or tell them the price doesn't seem to align with the value. They also will not allow anyone from your wedding party to help set up. I am bringing 80 people down with me for our wedding. Was hoping they would offer us a discount a price break since we are having that many people pay their outrageous prices for accommodations. Another poster asked if it is worth the price...In my opinion Absolutely Not. I would highly consider looking ANYWHERE else. Sorry for the rant. Is any one else dealing with this????
  6. If anyone with >150 posts wants to perform a random act of kindness today, I would REALLY appreciate you downloading the templates and emailing them to me ericlizwedding at gmail dot com Thank you so much!!
  7. YES!!!! This happened to us too! She actually went behind my back and sent a text to my fiance asking him if someone from their group of friends could come. She was even really pushy in wanting a response right away so she could book her ticket for her friend right then and there. I was a little offended by this as I'd like to keep it a small wedding for our family and friends - and they were already coming as a group so it's not like they wouldn't know anyone. We're still on the fence about it as we did allow other quests to bring dates, however, they didn't know anyone else we were inviting so we felt it was fair since they were traveling that far. Let me know what you end up doing. Ovbiously, we can't restrict them from coming to the resort but considering the extra fee for all the private events we're hosting, it would end up costing $75-150 for her to attend the wedding and events (Rehearsal BBQ, Wedding and Farewell Brunch). Good luck!
  8. This is such a great idea! Can I ask you where you found the template or if you designed it yourself? Question for you ladies: when are you planning on sending out your pre travel info? Are you sending it separately from your invitations? I have a lot of this info on our wedding website, however, I'm not convinced anyone is reading it
  9. Yes! It would be wonderful if you can get pictures of the new gazebo in Plaza Zavaz - assuming they have one up... Good luck with your wedding and keep us posted on how it goes. If you're doing OOT Bags, I'd love to know how that goes as well. I'm nervous about them getting to the right people at the right times...
  10. Hi all! For those brides that have already had their wedding with Azul, what menu did you choose for your reception? We went to Mexico for the Bride Dress Rehearsal and were not impressed at all with the surf and turf option that they served for lunch. We thought that would be an easy choice but it was not prepared well at all so now we're looking at other options. We'd be interested in hearing what others had and if they and their party enjoyed it. Thanks!
  11. Hello, Everyone, We just heard from our TA and our dates are also SOLD OUT at Azul Sensatori. We had 15 rooms in our contract and our TA was trying to book 27 rooms. They wouldn't give us any more than the 15 we had in the contract. We still have another 10-15 rooms (incl. family members and bridal party) that will need to be booked on top of the 27. We are frantically trying to figure out what to do. Does anyone have any advice for us? We want everyone to stay at the same resort as us. We're looking into how we can continue with AS. Murmel mentioned below that Canadian operators (we're in the US) may have availability. Can we book through a Canadian TA? We also went directly to the AS website and they show room availability, granted for 30% more, so I'm not sure why we can't get access to those rooms (our TA is going to call about this on Monday). Any other ideas on what we can do? Thank you so much! As a contingency plan we're also looking into Azul Fives to see if they have availability. We know they don't have our specific date for the ceremony but at this point we'd be open to moving it back a day. We don't know if they have rooms availability yet. Quote: Originally Posted by murmel That is always a stressful thing to deal with. First of all, don't panic. Often there are more rooms available, but may not be visable to your wedding planner/travel agent. What are the exact dates? (I can check a few places I know and see if there is availability) We have had other brides have the same issue, only to discover that there were rooms available through other operators. If you are in the US, try some of the Canadian operators, or vice versa. Often the hotel sells blocks of rooms to a charter company...so it looks like they are sold out, but you can still purchase them through the other operator. (the prices may vary from what you have currently though) And aside from that, there are other options. You guests could possible stay at Azul Beach, about 10 minute walk north on the beach (family resort), or Secret Silversands (adults only) which is right next door. Like Allie said, if you are hosting a private event, (ie. anything off their banquet menu), your guests recieve free entrance on the day of that event. So if you host a cocktail welcome night, they should be admitted free for that event, and then again for your wedding/dinner on a different night for free. (I think the only limitation is they are only suppose to be admitted 1-2 before the event begins and then up til 2 hours past the event. (but I am not sure of the exact details there)
  12. Quote:Originally Posted by LilPumpkin Sneak Peak of our TTD Photo Shoot at the Cenote Try again I LOVE it! What Cenote was this in?
  13. My next question is the credit that we are suppose to receive for our Anniversary Trip, can it be used at another Karisma Resort? I am not sure we want to return to Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya. Not because the resort or it’s staff are not great, they are. The wedding department and my wedding has spoiled my opinion of them and I can never get that day back. Oh my gosh. This is so depressing. I am so sorry that your day wasn't perfect. We were there doing a site inspection the weeekend after your wedding and had the very same thought that they better update their alternative locations. We have chosen the same locations (your orginal ones) for our wedding next April. i really hope it goes smoothly after reading this. Personally, I think you should demand a refund for at least par of your expenses dince it was executed so poorly.
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