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So after losing my original drafts on my passport info books, boarding pass reply cards and invitations due to hard drive crash, I am almost finished my invitations.

Everything has been printed, cut and put together ... now all I have to do is staple the passports together, and roll the messages in a bottle.

Here are a few pics of my DIY night last night with one of my bridesmaids. The FI did all the burning on the messages.


boarding passes.jpg

Boarding pass reply cards, probably my favourite piece of the invitation kit



The bottles ready to be stuffed



The actual invitations, which will be rolled and stuffed into the bottles. FI did all the edge burning, his contribution to the invites.



Page 1 of the passports - about us and the wedding



Page 2 - info on Costa Rica, fun facts and common expressions

Page 3- Manuel Antonio info



Page 4 - Accommodation info. We are renting villas so it lists information on the villa company as well as rates

Page 5 - Things to do. A listing of local activities with some pics

Page 6 - Just lined for notes, didn't take a pic.


passport materials.tif

Passports before I assembled them. A true work of love.


Now all I have to do is finish them up. Pack them and send them off.

We are probably going to just hand deliver to anyone close by to save on shipping costs.

Can't wait to hear what people think.
Thanks sooo much to everyone who posted their message in bottles, passports and boarding passes. This forum has been such an inspiration.

You may be wondering why we are sending out the formal invites so early (wedding isn't until Nov. 18, 2011). We decided to skip the STD thing and just get all the info to people as soon as possible so they know what they are looking at cost wise.

We will send out updates and I have created a website on weddingwire.com as well for people to keep informed.

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