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A great example of a non-traditional ceremony. Don't be afraid to get creative!!

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My girlfriend was married a few months ago on top of a mountain resort, and the ceremony was quite different from any wedding i had been to before. She is a runway fashion model and the groom is a musician. They decided to incorporate elements of what they do into their ceremony... so he played the wedding theme on his guitar as she catwalked down the aisle... i thought it was amazing! Here is a link to the video they posted.




As i will be getting married next spring, this was a refreshing reminder to me that i should be thinking out-of-the-box to make my day more special to me and my partner. So many times i feel locked into somekind of "tradition" prison because i'm always being bombarded with comments from friends & family about what is acceptable and unacceptable for MY wedding day.


Anyway, i'm new to this forum, but i hope this post inspires a few more brides to follow their heart if they feel tradition can get a little stale at times. And if you feel the pressure from people to conform... please vent your feelings here in this thread. :)


All the best, S

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How creative and what a great idea.  Thanks for the advise.  I have been worrying a lot about whether everything I'm doing is the right thing but my best friend told me that this is it so have the wedding that you have always dreamed of.

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