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Hello From Canada...

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Hi everyone,


My fiance and I plan to get married on December 15, 2010. We have not yet booked a resort and time is running out!  We have only been engaged for three months by the way....


It was actually my fiance that found this site and told me to check out, as I think I am going to need all the help I can get with such a short time frame.


This is what I have done and know so far....


  • I have contacted and received the wedding package information for the Grand Riviera Princess and the Grand Sunset Princess.  I was ready to pull the trigger and book our date, when I started reading some bad reviews with regards to weddings here on Trip Advisor.com.  Now I am a bit worried....information and advice on these two resorts would be greatly appreciated.


  • I have also become interested in the Riu Palace Riviera Maya, but have yet to contact them for information.  Advice or reviews on this resort would be welcomed also.


  • No matter where we end up, we will be having a symbolic ceremony as we are going to marry here at home (or in Vegas) before we head to Mexico.


I am confident that we will have the wedding of our dreams and I believe that this site can help us with that.cheesy.gif



Thank you so very much for existing!



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Congrats and welcome!!


My advice is to listen to any advice you get on this forum waaay before anything from tripadvisor.  Unfortunately people usually only write a review when they are unhappy, and the good reviews tend to get forgotten.


I don't know much about the resorts you have mentioned, but I am sure there are threads here for those specific resorts. 


I'm sure you can pull something great together in 3 1/2 months...as long as you pick the place quick!  :)  How many guests to you plan on inviting?  You'll want to inform them asap so they dont have to pay premium for flights and hotel.


Happy Planning!


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Hey there fellow canadian,


Look into reviews on this forum. I'm getting married at the Dreams La Romana, and despite reviews on trip advisor, got the best advice from past brides here.

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another Canuck here. good luck with the planning. you're brave to be doing it with only 31/2 mths to go. I have a more than a year and I'm terrified...... I agree about the reviews. that's what scared me off too. but the comment about TripAdvisor.... didn't think of that before. the reviews here definitely seem to be much more positive! I will say this - all the work for Mexico has put us off it even though we go nearly every year and love it. they're too complicated to get married at tho.... we're trying to find somewhere that's no waiting and everything is in English!


good luck!

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