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  1. Our TTD session got featured! yay! Maria Angela really was an amazing photographer. http://destinationinspirations.com/2011/07/15/trash-dress-jaime-talis-playa-del-carmen-mexico/
  2. Oh btw...theres no "catch" or anything like that. You dont have to sit through a presentation. Nobody ever bugged any of our guests about joining. All I would do is add on the little bit to cover my membership charge for those days...but the discount would still be more than you can find elsewhere. So it would be helping you, and I wouldnt completely lose out on all my leftover weeks. Just wanted to clarify so it didnt sound too good to be true . On the other hand, if any one is interested in joining Exotic, I can set you up for 50% off through friends-in-paradise...but you would ha
  3. Hey girls... there are quite a few newbies now, so figured I'd mention this again. Talis and I joined Karisma's Exotic Travelers Club so we could get the best rooms and rates for all of our guests. We have a lot of traveler "weeks" left over if anyone needs any help with guests that waited to long for your room block (or maybe for your honeymoon at a different Karisma resort). Depending on the weekend and room rate, its 25-40% off. Anyways, I can pass the discount to any of my "friends/family". All of our guests used our membership and they got treated just as well as we did! Theres no
  4. We rented the sheers from Lomas. We did one Tiffany Blue and one White. Tip...if you are ok with white being one of your sheers it saves $50! Then the flowers were separate. I didnt end up doing a package, because what I wanted turned out cheaper if bought separately. A couple of you were curious about how the tall vases looked as centerpieces, so here are a few pics I was able to screen shot... I'm sure there is a much better way, but wanted to post it quick before my mgrs see me playing with pics
  5. We didnt do a garter/bouquet toss because we only had 2 single guys, and 2 single girls...and all 4 are the type to let it fall on the ground . If I did one, I probably wouldve done it after cake. If you have a good DJ, he should actually be able to maintain your schedule of events. Maybe still have someone as a little backup, but the DJ really should do it for you. I completely understand not trusting anyone but yourself...haha!
  6. Here is the print out I gave to the onsite WC and my friend that stepped in to help if things started slipping. We stuck pretty close to this timeline. Processional and Reception Order.docx
  7. I'm sure others have given you guys warning...but my onsite WC looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned the word rehearsal! At the meeting I kept asking how we should all walk down the aisle and he would tell me "dont worry, i'll tell you what to do when the time comes". This scared the heck out of me, so I decided on the order of people the day before the wedding, put it on paper, and distributed to everyone (including the WC). Then I took my girls and my parents the day before to let them practice. I did your same order except my groomsman went separate, then Talis followed a
  8. The ocean was good for TTD, but the pool pics just seemed to turn out the best! Plus, 4 of us in May had the same photographer, so you probably even notice a lot of the same poses.
  9. Thanks for the compliments ladies! The tall vases were $60 each, including the flowers. They transferred to the reception for centerpieces. I was worried they would be too tall on the tables, but they ended up looking really cool! I'd actually say that was the best deal I got from Lomas out of the whole wedding!
  10. Wow I havent checked-in in a while and there are some gorgeous pictures from the June brides! I finally have some of my pro pics... here are some of my favs
  11. Welcome back and congrats!! Sorry to tack onto yours, but it reminded me I never shared my review with the Houston girls! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/azul-sensatori-hotel-by-karisma-all-inclusive/reviews/4592 My husband is trying to convince me to start a DW travel agency now, so we'll see. We've always talked about starting a business of some sort, just not sure what the success rate is in Houston. We'll see!
  12. Hey Justine - Yeah, the updo prices do get pretty crazy. I do not think you should be expected to pay for it, but you should let them know upfront if you plan to or not. Have you decided what you will be giving as BMs gifts? I gave my girls an option of massage, mani/pedi, or updo...then explained in a polite way that they'd would be responsible for paying beyond the one they selected. Just a thought.
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