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  1. Hello All! Stay tuned as I am working on a review and will post some pics soon.
  2. Hi there, My soon to be husband and I are getting married on December 28th at Mandalay Bay. We are not having a reception. Instead we thought we would get our small group together for dinner at a restaurant. Would anyone know of a good place to go that can accommodate a group of 10 to 15 people in a private or semi-private setting? We would prefer to stay on the strip but are open to other suggestions as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Technoqueen
  3. Hello, We are booked at the Mandalay Bay for our wedding ceremony on December 28, 2010. We are not having a reception, but would like to head out somewhere for dinner later that evening. We were thinking about the Strip House at Planet Hollywood, or one of the Mandalay Bay restaurants . It would be nice to find a place with a private or semi-private area that could be reserved for a group of 10 people. Does anyone have any feedback on good places to go? We'd like to stay on the strip if possible, but are open to other ideas as well. Thank you, Technoqueen ..
  4. Hello All, First is was Mexico on December 15th, then it was legal ceremony at home in November before heading to Mexico for a symbolic ceremony in Mexico. Then I started stressing out about which resort to pick and what group rate pricing would be available...this was not going to be as easy as I imagined. Well after much searching (internet and soul) my FI and I have chosen the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas as our wedding venue. December 28, 2010 is the date and we are going with the Winter Passion package. One thing I must state is that our wedding coordinator Aleena has been wonderful so far. Her response times (we have been communicating via email) have been epic! I was a bit worried because I had heard rumours about poor communication with this hotel, but that has not been my experience at all (so far!). My wedding dress has been ordered from a wonderful vendor on eBay who was amazing with all of my questions and concerns. I have not received the dress yet as it was only shipped last week, but once it arrives if all is well I will give this vendor a shout out on this site because they deserve the recognition for amazing customer service. So now comes the part of picking music, flowers and any other upgrades that we would like to have with our wedding package. I'll keep you all posted of our progress.... Technoqueen
  5. Hello there!  My soon to be husband and I had a long talk yesterday about our wedding. We had decided to get married on December 15, 2010 in Mexico. We got engaged in April 2010, and he wanted to get married the next month (May) while we were in Vegas. The Vegas trip was already planned before he asked me to marry him. I was not comfortable getting married three weeks after our engagement, so we decided on December 15 as that date is the third anniversary of our first date.  We both started new jobs this year (he in January, me in June) and vacation time is at a premium for both of us. I only have 6 vacation days left for 2010 and he has 7. Based on what I have seen when it comes to destination planning in Mexico it appears that we would need to take 7 days to make it worth our while going way. So after much discussion we decided to move the wedding back to 2011, when we can start a new year with more vacation time. December 15, will always be a symbolic day in our relationship!  I am okay with that. So now we are talking about eloping to Vegas this year and having a renewal of the vows ceremony in Mexico early in 2011 (February or March). I still want that beach wedding!  This is my second marriage and his first. We do not want a huge wedding, we have not booked anything at all, we have not sent out invitations, or Save The Dates. We have just been spending a lot of time doing research and I only just found BDW two weeks ago!  We have a budget set and are looking to make this as stress free as possible. I am looking at three resorts in Mexico right now. Royal Playa Del Carmen, Grand Riviera Princess, and Riu Palace Riviera Maya. We think that we would have about 10 to 15 people attending the wedding.  I know I should expect costs to rise (for wedding packages, flights and accomodations) with moving the symbolic ceremony into 2011 and was wondering if February or March are bad months to head to Mexico as far as finances go!  Technoqueen  Â
  6. Planning a wedding is probably one of the most exciting and (perhaps) stressful things you will do in your life. Â My advice...kindly tell your friend that you are disappointed that she is no longer willing to share your special day with you, that you are sorry that she is afraid to fly, and that you wished she would change her mind. Then move on and continue planning the most beautiful day of your life. Â Don't talk to her anymore about your wedding details, as this will only make it harder for you to accept that she is not coming if she shows no interest in what you are telling her. Ultimately your wedding day should be all about you and your fiance and no one else. Â Â
  7. This sounds like a great idea! This way no one feels "left out" and you do not have to deal with the bridal party drama that can only add more stress to the planning process. Â I am considering doing the same thing myself. Three out of the four bridesmaids I had in my first wedding are still my close friends and I too wondered about how to include them without having a bridal party. Â I'm sure you already know this, but it's your wedding and you go ahead and do whatever will work for you and your fiance! Â Good luck planning...
  8. Hey JR14, Â I just sent off an inquiry to Weddings By The Ocean! I like the fact that they offer their services for free. I thank you for the recommendation. Â Techno Â
  9. Thank you everyone for the wishes of good luck! Yesterday, I sent off a request to the Royal Playa Del Carmen and they responded within 24 hours. I am off to search this site for any and all information about this resort, as I think this might be the one (my fiance likes it!) Â If any of you happen to be getting married there, or have been married there recently please do not hesitate to fill me in on the details. We are looking at a small gathering of about 15 to 20 people (including the two of us) and do not want to blow our budget! I think that this resort may be a bit pricey as far as accommodations go, so I am looking for information about group rates. Â Off I go to research!
  10. Hi everyone, Â My fiance and I plan to get married on December 15, 2010. We have not yet booked a resort and time is running out! We have only been engaged for three months by the way.... Â It was actually my fiance that found this site and told me to check out, as I think I am going to need all the help I can get with such a short time frame. Â This is what I have done and know so far.... Â I have contacted and received the wedding package information for the Grand Riviera Princess and the Grand Sunset Princess. I was ready to pull the trigger and book our date, when I started reading some bad reviews with regards to weddings here on Trip Advisor.com. Now I am a bit worried....information and advice on these two resorts would be greatly appreciated. Â I have also become interested in the Riu Palace Riviera Maya, but have yet to contact them for information. Advice or reviews on this resort would be welcomed also. Â No matter where we end up, we will be having a symbolic ceremony as we are going to marry here at home (or in Vegas) before we head to Mexico. Â I am confident that we will have the wedding of our dreams and I believe that this site can help us with that. Â Â Thank you so very much for existing! Â Technoqueen
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