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  1. Which tide did you catch for the clarity?..Beautiful! Congrats~
  2. Jolene512

    Just Engaged!

    Congrats! Happy planning lots of great info here!
  3. I was thinking of finding some exquisite miniature chairs for each person we would like to honor and have them on our head table. 5 altogether I really like the miniature charms on the bouquet as well
  4. Great Shot! What a beautiful picture! I cant wait to see the rest! Congrats to Keellin & John!
  5. Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll get tons of great ideas here! I am also having a hard time locating a travel agent locally.. there are tons out there but I haven't found one I would trust to put planning with.. I think I spoke with TA Becky at the Grand wedding show.. waiting on an email. I've heard that flight center in Metrotown is a Jamaica- Beaches/Sandals spec. but they don't answer messages or emails .. Good Luck Let me know if you find someone & I'll do the same! Happy planning
  6. Welcome to the forum! I'm doing Beaches Negril, Jamaica with my children & nephews (2-18yrs) They seem to have the most for the kids to do.. need I mention child minding is includ. in all inclusive? that sure was a bonus for me! Now we can go scuba diving while the kids are at a day camp- with adult only sections. Happy planning!
  7. Very pretty colors! I still can't decide on my colors.. This thread is awesome, lots of great ideas!
  8. Thank you for sharing.. I love the long review! Lol.. Congrats! Glad it all turned out well!
  9. They look great, I like your burnt edges on your invitations. Thanks for sharing the website.. I'll have to check them out
  10. I like the msg in a bottle! Do you have to ship them to guests in a little box? I'd love to see pics
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