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  1. thanks - I will check it out!
  2. Hi all, Just signed up to the site, was reccommended by a freind... I have the ring now, just need to start planning. We are hopng to save/plan for a year, we have two children who will be 6 yrs (daughter) and 4 years (son) by then. I guess I just need a place to START...obviously there are so many options out there. We have never had a family vaction b4 or been to 'an island resort destination' b4, (well I have been to dominican republic b4 with girlfriends), so as much as this is OUR wedding, I really want it to be about the kids as my fiance and I have been together forever, 2 kids, a house etc., so the ceremony is really kinda just a formality - if that makes sense, I guess we are looking at it as more of a family vacation, with a ceremony the kids can be involved in and then a nice trip for the whole family. Sorry I am rambling - lol.... Thanks for any help
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