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Tammy & Cain slideshow

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I just got off the phone with Tammy and I could almost see the smile she had on her face when I told her I was uploading the slideshow.


I got up at 5:00am this morning so that I did not have any distraction from any phone calls or anything else so that I was sure to finish it as soon as possible.




I hope I have my Blog ready in 1 or 2 months so that I can also post the slideshows there.


I am working really hard girls to have all of your photos ready!

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Tammy, it's just not fair. You're just too pretty!


omg, that was awesome...great job Juan, once again...you know we have high expectations for you!


Yay Tammy! Your pics are here at last...and well worth waiting for I must add. Congratulations!


oh yeah, and I love the yabbadabbadoo toes! haha

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Well worth the wait For sure! Tammy I loved it as I'm sure you did. I can just see it in your eyes how crazy you two are for one another. Very romantic photos! I love the one where his arms are around you and you're holding onto his hands, must have been at the end of the ceremony.


Great work Juan, you're making me wish more and more I would have booked you for PV cuz I just read a thread which stated you do PV weddings too. Ugh but I imagine it's too late. Oh well.


Good choice of song too Tammy, never heard it before but I really enjoyed it!

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tammy those pics are amazing (great job juan!!) you look so beautiful and i know i say this but you can really see the love between you two.


i can't decide which pic i like best...the b/w of you in the beginning and just breathtaking and then the b/w of you an cain together (the first one) made me cry...but i also loved the ones at the end...


are you happy?

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