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After looking at lots of STD's and invites, I knew what I didn't want but, couldn't figure out what I really wanted! We were running out of time (wanted to send them 1 year in advanced), so my fiancé and I being the hip-artsy types we are(but, Iâ€m not an artist! I canâ€t stress that enough!) I just couldnâ€t see us doing anything embossed and wordy. I wanted something simple and a little more “usâ€. We are both huge fans of comic art and wanted to try to achieve that in our STDs.


I checked out you tube for “cartoon tutorials†and basically taught myself how to use a photograph in Photoshop, and trace over it to create a cartoon. There are several ways of doing this, I did the not-so-perfect way because I liked the way it looked better. Then with the magic of layers, my fiancé made the original photo disappear and made the background striped with our wedding colors (I didnâ€t really know how to do that). We downloaded “futuristic†fonts from dafont.com, and used those as our wording. The little drunk Mexican guy on my fiancés shirt is actually the letter K from some random font we found on this site! If you are making your own STDs/Invites I highly recommend checking them out!


The finished postcard is 4x6 with color on the front, and just b/w text on the back with the date again, where weâ€re having it, and a space to write the addresses. The fiancé has a print shop owner friend so he printed them for us for FREE! Our STDâ€s cost us 1 hour of labor and $0.00! (well, not including the postage :) Here is the front!


Click the image to open in full size.


The only negative feedback Iâ€ve gotten so far is that my fiancé “looks like Santa†(Heâ€s blond!) and that I “look like a zombieâ€. HAHA! Whatever, canâ€t please everyone! I think they look great! Although my nose looks a bit weird and we have no pupils…


I am going to do our invitations the same way, so we have a theme. I was thinking of having those be long and skinny with a tri-fold, the response card could actually be attached at the bottom with a perforation, so then people could tear it off then mail it. Does that seem cheesy to anyone? I would LOVE some feedback!


PS. Everyone is really great on this forum!

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The creativity on this site never ceases to amaze me! Those are so cute and talk about original!


P.S. may-be you can "color" FI in a bit so he looks less like Santa, and why not throw in a few pupils for the two of you while you're at it!

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Super cute Mel! I love dafont and that little sombrero dude rocks! I do agree that if you use the cartoons in other stuff, fill in FIs hair with a blonde color and give you guys some pupils :) Having a theme makes it so easy for people to remember things about the wedding. Sounds like you are off to a great start!


Also I love the idea of having the RSVP cards attached to the bottom of the invite. We perforated our RSVP cards and people thought it was so professional looking and fun.

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Very cool! I love how original they are. And I can't believe that this only took you 1h! You work way faster than I do :P

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