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  1. Hi, It's probably because you haven't meet your 150 posts yet. Once you have 150 posts you will be able to download template, etc. I do not have a Things to Do in Mayan, mine was specific to Aruba but I just grabbed the things to do from the aruba web site. Happy Planning
  2. I got my girls hangers from here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/40390852/classic-monogrammed-hanger-cherry-finish?ref=pr_shop And I also had wristlet pocketbooks made for them: http://www.etsy.com/listing/55502153/1-pleated-wristlet-wrose-choose-colors
  3. If anyone is interested I used this similar template and made some customizations. Here's the template. BTW: my guests LOVED these and had them on all week in Aruba. keycard holder2.ppt
  4. I thought I had attached mine but here goes..Here are just a few of my pages.. Happy Planning ladies!! Passportcover.doc welcome.doc weddingdayThurs.doc weddingday infor.doc meet the guests bride n groom.doc meet the guest4.doc meet the guest5.doc guests schedule.doc restaurants tam.doc
  5. When I first ordered a veil from this seller, the communication was great and I received my veil and LOVED it.. WELL....I need to exchanged it for a different White so I emailed Connie to ask her if I can exchange it. She was prompt in her response and said to send it back with $5.99 for shipping it back to me. Great!! So I thought... After I sent the veil back to her she was very slow to respond. I finally got an email from her on July 9th saying she received it and would ship it out that following Monday. Here were are 2 weeks later/6 emails later with no response and NO veil. I leave
  6. Here's one link you can see another brides pictures from the Island. Real Weddings: Alicia & Rob | Weddingbee
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 okay ladies I totally missed last Thursday's episode (and I don't have pvr or tivo) so who can give me a summary and tell me who is gone from the show now?!?!?!?!?! Oh, you missed a GOOD one!! Ashley is now gone due to her injuries!! I think she hurt her ribs and has to rest for 5 weeks.. something along those lines.
  8. I just ordered a photobook from mypublisher.com. I have 38 guests coming so what I did was create a page for every person/couple coming with pictures of them/us on it. I'll then have them sign their own picture page...The book ended up costing around $34 +shipping. Here's a link to the book if anyone wants to check it out! Let's see if this link works: MyPublisher | Create Photo Books, Cards and Calendars with free MyPublisher Software!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ashleed Ladies I only need 12 so if you have any left over items please let me know! You could always try your local dollar store, if you haven't already.. They have a ton of items to put in OOT bags.. even the meds..
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by SDSteph I bought number 2! Yippie! I will post more pics in the dress thread Great choice!! #2 looked great on you...
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Woodsylou oh that's handy to know, thanks! how many you got going to Aruba? how fabulous! I got 38 confirmed guests coming to Aruba!! Should be a blast..
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by dawnkyeknod AJ - Yah, those OOt bags were something. I was buying things for it for months. I also made little tags for each little bag inside (To have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, to love and to cherish). My FI did read about the mosquitos today on the palladiumaddicts site. I will have to go and get some extra spray. we went to GP last July and we didnt have any but I guess there are some there now. Better to be safe than sorry. Since February (when I ordered my dress) I have lost almost 30 pou
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Woodsylou ohhhhh Aruba! how lovely! have you been before? where was your Bacherlorette party? looks ace! what are you doing for your OOT bags? x We've been to Aruba a few times and love it!! We are getting married on Renaissance Island and I can't wait!! My Bachelorette party was actually on a "Murder Mystery Cruise" out of Boston. It was a blast!! My OOT bags have a wedding week survival kit/hangover kit, pasmina's, sunglasses, playing cards, flip flops, a welcome book, bookmarks that we made and a welcome book. Once I finish them I'll do a p
  14. I'm also July 30th.. woo hooo.. I'm still putting together my OOT bags. I think I took on more than I thought.. haha..
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