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  1. Oh my gosh, my wedding is coming up! I'm so happy that all this planning will be over. Haha. I'll be sure to post my thoughts on my reception and Gannons and post lots of pics (my ceremony will be at the Marriott so I won't have a ceremony review of Gannons). Sherry's review of her ceremony at the Marriott really helped me decide on that hotel as my ceremony location, so I'll be sure to do the same. I'm also having my reception at the Upper Pond, which I haven't seen (although I visited the restaurant last May, I only did a quick walk through - and it's been remodeled/redecorated since then). I can tell you that when my sister and I drove up to Gannons and watched the sunset last May we were "wowed." It was such an amazing view! I'll be back mid-August
  2. I am having my wedding reception (25 people) there on August 4th and will be writing a review on the board. So far I have had a great experience the the Seawatch/Gannons - especially with Susan, the contact person there. She's been really helpful and nice - answering all of my MANY questions (I asked her about 5 questions about how cake flavors tasted and she tried her best to describe them). She is quick to respond to my many emails. I visited the Seawatch last May when I was in Maui and fell in love with it.
  3. lizconemac

    My Accomodation Nightmare

    I have used 'vacation rentals by owner' (VRBO is Vacation Rentals By Owner) the last three times i went to Maui, and each time the pictures online WERE of the actual condo. That's why I love the site - I get to reserve directly through the condo owner and see pics of the actual condo i will be renting. I'm having my wedding in August and everyone in my party is staying at Kealia Resort (in South Kihei on Sugar Beach), and most guests used VRBO is Vacation Rentals By Owner.
  4. They look so great! Your guests will be SO excited to receive them! I love your return stamp.
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    Thanks Stacy! My wedding is on August 4th and sometimes it's tough to plan a wedding from afar, so this encouragement helps!
  6. These pictures are amazing. Your cake is INCREDIBLE. Your bouquet has great pinks in it. I love love love it all!
  7. This is my first time posting pictures so I hope this works! These are my postcard STDs I made with Vistaprint and sent out about six months ago. I LOVE them. I got SO many phone calls from guests who loved how creative they were. Thank you to those of you on this forum who gave me this idea!!! I lucked out because my brother and sister-in-law went to Maui last September and took the photo of our date in the sand on Ka'anapali beach. I didn't photoshop the picture because I loved how natural it looked - the "flaws" in the sand. Vistaprint was amazing - I got 100 postcards for $10 - can't beat the price! The quality is great as well!!!
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    Hi I'm a Newbie!

    Welcome and congratulations!!!
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    North Shore Restaurant / Food Tips...

    Alyssa, thanks SO much for the information! I'm going to be in Princeville, Kauai, for my honeymoon in August so this is GREAT info! We're gonna be staying at the St. Regis and I don't think we'll be able to afford to eat there! Haha.
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    Monogrammed Pearl Cake Topper

    So cute! I LOVE it!
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    I'm married - Reviews inside

    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!!!!
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    Congratulations and welcome! This forum has been a lifesaver for me! So glad it's helping you!
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    Maui vendor frustration

    Thanks "Mrs. Howard" That's great to hear. I've only heard great things about weddings and receptions at the Seawatch, but was a little worried when they changed to Gannons and didn't really communicate the changes with me! I'm really glad you posted this! It really helps! I mean, really!