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Gran Caribe Real 2011 Brides

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#161 wanda

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    Posted 19 November 2010 - 09:28 AM



    For those who have the Luxury wedding package, any opinion on what you chose for the menu? You have to chose one option per course for all of your guests. I"m having a hard time choosing for everyone. 




    #162 Cassie323

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      Posted 23 November 2010 - 11:35 AM

      Hi debi! I have a couple pictues of the Albatros Terrace if you would like me to email them to you. I am getting married at the Gran Caribe in March 2011:)

      Let me know.

      Originally Posted by debi 


      I was just looking for photos of the Albatross Terrace at the Gran Caribe Resort and I saw your post. I would love to see them.   Im getting married July 30, 2010 at the resort and we are thinking of having the Rehearsal Dinner on the Terrace.  The wedding and reception will be on the beach.  Any thoughts?

      Thanks for your help!


      #163 debi

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        Posted 24 November 2010 - 07:30 PM


        I would love to see any pix you have.  My wedding planner loves it,but I think it may be too big for just 30-40 people....

        Thanks for your help.

        Congratulations on your wedding, and good luck planning!  It is a lot to do from so far away!


        #164 larias004

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          Posted 25 November 2010 - 01:39 PM

          FOOD TASTING  - Gran Caribe Real


          I Just got back from Cancun and as promised I am writing a note on the food tastings.  We personally chose to fly out there to have this food tasting because I was iffy about the whole "all inclusive" resort wedding food.  We also wanted to meet our photographer.  My wedding will take place the summer of 2011 and it will be a Catholic wedding in the beach.   I've been going to Cancun on vacations for over 10 years now and have pretty much tried food at many resorts and restaurants locally. I've traveled to many countries and I love sampling food from each of them but by no means am I a pro at food tasting :D   I live in Chicago so my fine dining options are not limited at all!


          I had never tried food at Gran Caribe or Royal before this trip.  I was able to also see a wedding outside on this day of the tasting which was very touching and I was able to see how the coordinator directed everyone when the ceremony started.  I even got to see their lovely cake which was a standard (not luxury from their brochures ) and I liked its simplicity so much that I also chose it.  


          I was very nervous about this tasting because this time - it was for our wedding which made it even more important.  I also had a chance to finally meet my photographer which I am very happy with too.  Below are the choices of food tastings we had - I don't have the specific names with me but I will try my best to describe. I must admit that we were very very pleasantly surprised in the way the presentation and taste of each and every one of the choices we made. I certainly have that feeling of "everything is going to be great with the food".   Although we did not opt for either of the choices of wedding cake we selected to taste - I certainly can trust them with the ultimate flavor we chose since both cake tastings were yummy but our ultimate flavor was based on our decision to be inclusive of a more neutral flavor - vanilla - which can be to blah but based on those yummy cakes we tried - I know they will do a great job with this.  


           Also we also had a chance to inquire as to popular choices from individual that has been doing weddings there for years as waiter and of course from the folks there helping us. I took pictures but I haven't even figured out if I can post on this site.



          1.  Dominico Avocado stuffed with crab - Delicious and the most popular one.  does not have that fishy taste I expected.  We selected this one as it was delicious.  

          2.  Royal Salad stuffed with seafood with melon,etc.  - I loved this one - my fiance did not and thought the vinegrette was too strong.   I loved it as it was balsamic vinegrette taste.  We went with a more neutral taste to this. 


          Main Dish:

          1.  Red Snapper stuffed with seafood with cream of black Caviar -   this was tasted awesome and I was expected black sauce but the sauce is actually like creamy and not black at all.  Very moist and we like this one too.  We were told we could choose two options only if we could tell them way before the wedding how many of each plates we wanted.   

          2. Casablanca Chicken stuffed with seafood covered in Almond Sauce - I expected this one to be dry chicken but this tasted yummy and the almond sauce on top just made it even better. This one seems to be the popular one with past wedding guests.



          We opted out of this


          Dessert: We LOVED both of these but we went with the Number 1 because it was unique to us.  The inside almond mousse was so wonderful and not very sugary or rich at all which is what I personally don't like.  Presentation for both deserts is spectacular.  


          1. Oven baked pear stuffed with almond mousse -

          2.  Chocolate cup filled with fruit and vanilla tasting filling -  not rich at all.  very yummy for those that want chocolate in their dessert.


          Wedding Cake: Both cakes were great!  they were moist.  They have two layers with creamy filling (not very sugary) more like almond or vanilla pudding like depending on type of cake you choose, etc.  -  Please bare in mind that initially the resort indicated they DO NOT do food tasting on WEdding Cakes -  but after much emails, etc.  -  we finally got this option.   


          1.  Apple /Cinnammon Flavor - this was was an odd flavor for us but we chose to taste it - taste just like apple and cinnammon

          2.  Chocolate and Coconut flavor - This was tasted exactly like Germany Chocolate cake - very yummy but kind of rich


          for those that have tasted Mexican "Tres Leches" (three types of milk) cake - they also have that option and I think this was not in our brochure when we had to decide on which one to taste.


          Now - aside from all the food tasting - we will obviously also have the option for vegetarians and children.   We did not taste these options but based on the great tastes of the above - we do trust that they will do a great job with these.  The quality of the food was certainly amazing and the taste even better. 


          Overall - I am confident that the wedding will be amazing.   I was able to be there to see an outside wedding and taste the food.   I am also currently working with a travel agent that is assisting those guests that need a package to attend the wedding.   I also discussed flowers, styles of cakes with the coordinator and I am close to almost finishing on these touches.  Last items for me are the gift tote bags for the guests which I plan on buying wholesale online and filling with practical things for guests to have during their stay.


          #165 Bride2B22

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            Posted 26 November 2010 - 05:49 AM

            Larias- That is awesome!! I visited there this past June on vacation, and this is where we got engaged! we will get married next june (in 7 months!!!) having a Catholic wedding in the chapel and a beach reception in front of the Royal......we LOVE the food from the Royal....it is delicios......you dont even feel like you're at a "all-inclusive" resort....pure luxury! Hope you have an amazing time planning your wedding!

            #166 Saranver2011

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              Posted 27 November 2010 - 06:47 PM

              I had been originally planning on booking Azul Sensatori until I learned that the beach is quite rocky and not ideal for swimming. I had a moment of panic and then threw myself into researching. After many hours FI and I have settled on Gran Caribe. We have a meeting with our TA this week to confirm group pricing then it's booking time! We are looking at the last week of November next year and can't wait!

              #167 KernsWR

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                Posted 27 November 2010 - 08:15 PM

                Thank you so much for posting your review on the site inspection! My fiance and I are planning to go for a site inspection Feb 2011 and plan our date to be Feb 2012. Did you know they have a site inspection program where you get credit back on your previous site inspection stay during your actual wedding time when your guests book a certain amount of rooms? Details are on the Real Wedding website. Thanks again and your review reassured me on my decision to have my wedding at Gran Caribe!

                #168 KernsWR

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                  Posted 27 November 2010 - 08:20 PM

                  Congrats to all the 2011 brides! I hope to be a 2012 bride. Ms. Perez emailed me right away with a response in the beginning stages of our wedding planning which includes a site visit. Does anyone else have Ana as their coordinator? I had asked her how long she's been a WC and if she had an references. I told her that my fiance and I wanted to get to know our WC since they'll be an important part of our wedding plannig. How did everyone pay for the downpayment? Since their website hasn't been updated for 2012, I was told to pay via email or phone. I'm a little weary of both so I'm curious as to how everyone else paid for it. Thanks everyone! Now that I'm set on GCR, I hope I'm not disappointed. It was very difficult to look for a Catholic chapel in an all-inclusive resort and I fell in love with GCR's chapel soon as I saw it. =]

                  #169 Vanessa C

                  Vanessa C
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                    Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:13 AM

                    Larias- thanks for the info! very helpful however I decided to change the menu because the majority of my guests will not want seafood. So I asked if they had a Mexican menu for the wedding since we will be in Mexico lol. I figured it would be better and they were actually able to accomodate me. I'm wondering if you guys feel that will be a good option....

                    #170 mykidsmomtx

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                      Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:50 AM

                      We had our wedding on 11/22.  Check out our review under the review section and let me know if questions!  We loved the Grand Caribe Real and were not disappointed.  Happy planning to all!

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