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  1. We met the preist at the chapel and had our meeting there. As far as how long the aisle in the chapel is, i know i had the same question and my WC was able to answer it for me. She gave my distance and the number of pews on each side. I can't remeber the exact number now, so i'm sorry!! But ask your WC, and she should be able to answer you with no problem!
  2. Is it the onsite coordinator they keep switchingon you, or the other one? Have you made final payment yet? I would suggest calling them directly, with your wedding being so close. What resort did they change you to?
  3. When is your wedding scheduled for? Sometimes when you have a further away date i guess they see it as less of a priorty. But you can always email the church directly to ask. The mexican wedding traditions are not required for the mass, i am actually chooing to not do them during my ceremony, but others have to chosed to do so. I simply decided not to, because i did not want to have to worry about finding out the details of it, bringing all the items, and making sure i have godparents/sponsors for it. Either way i belive the church is fine with it. Who is you coordinator?
  4. We're getting married in court after. Only because FI wants our church wedding to happen first
  5. Thank goodness!! That's good to hear! I get ther eon the 8th for my wedding on the 11th! I its all over by then!
  6. I love your tabe set up! Where did you get the vases from? And did you use a real flower inside, or is it a fake flower?
  7. Add me please! Nadennec Nadenne November 8th November 11th Cancun
  8. I have it all! FI basically has all of our guests as part of the wedding party! lol! Plus junior bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearer (just one of those). Its going to be crazy!
  9. My preist at my church here at first was wanting to send himself as well. I guess because he kept saying that we could not open the package he would be giving me and it has to stay sealed inorder for it to be vaild. Luckily, my documnets came back too early (it has to be done within 6 months of wedding date and I was at 8 months) so he had to re-submit for approval to the Archdiocese, THEN they wanted updated baptism certificates! Ugh! It was a mess, but i was glad I had it all done with plenty of time to spare! He gave me the package in the end though, and suggested I fedExed it to Mexico. I just went ahead and opened it and emailed to my WC and the church. Its still open, but i figured if anything i can just tape it shut.
  10. I was going to ask about shipping to hotel as well! I guess that answers my question on that! I can't believe they won't accept shipments! I still haven't received my onsite WC contact info, and my wedding is less than a month away! But, just FYI, I spoke with a girl who got married there in March, and she ended up having Flora as her WC, and of course was not happy about it at the beginning bc of all the bad reviews, but she said she ended up being really good! Let me know if you would like to contact her so you ask her yourself whatever questions you may have, and I can let you know!
  11. Will you be doing a seating chart as well? I am trying to figure this same thing out. I dont have as many people but i wasn't wanting them to have to have an assigned seat.
  12. I scanned and emailed to the church and to my wc. They emailed back pretty quick and said everything was good. So, I'll just bring originals with me to Mexico for when we meet.
  13. I would love to see pics of his work! I plan on using him, and am waiting on a response from im. I originally emailed him back in July, and then we touched base again in August again. I emailed him late last week, so it hasn't been long, but just waiting. My weding i sless than two months away, so I hope its not too late!
  14. Very true! Please let me know when you do get it back! It would be very helpful!