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  1. you're going to love it! the terrace as well as teh chapel is beautiful. Oh- they served drinks to everyone as they came into the reception area. The drinks were called Cassandra's. I loved it. My friend's got a kick out if it and kept ordering the drink:) it was delicious:) Good luck with everything and let me know if I can help with anything. I tried posting pics, but didn't work out. Send me your email and I will gladly send you some pics.
  2. Ladies, I'm sorrry I'm posting in pieces. I keep getting distracted:)
  3. As for the food, we got the avocado stuffed with seafood as the salad and OMG it was delicious. For the main course we got the beef filet with mushroom sauce, which everyone said was really good and the jambalaya rice with shrimp, which I thought was okay, but Hector (hubby) loved it. the desserts was also good. All the food looked amazing. True art. Took me a while to dig in only because it looked so pretty:) We went with Mariachi for the cocktail hour and DJ for the reception. From what I heard the mariachi was great. The cocktail hour was right outside of the chapel. I loved that the mariachi started playing as we came out of the chapel. That's exactly what we wanted. I also heard the food during the cocktail hour was amazing. The DJ was also great. We originally were not going to go with a DJ. We were going to use our Ipod and call it a night, but honestly we are glad we paid the extra cash. It was fun having the DJ announce us as we arrive to the reception. He also announced the bouquet toss and garter toss. While everyone started dancing he brought out balloons, masks and glow sticks. It was so much fun!!!! Everyone loved it!!! At the end of the night he announced our last song and at the very end he had fireworks that went off!!! OMG, it was so much fun!! My photographer got some really cool pictures of Hector and I looking at the fireworks. The DJ was a super nice guy and did a really good job. I don't regret spending the extra cash. We had a party of 45ppl so I think if it would have been a smaller party the ipod would have been fine.
  4. Just got back from Cancun. Our wedding was on March 12th. Ceremony in the chapel and the reception in the Albatroz Terrace. Flora was our onsite coordinator and she was honestly amazing. Everything went so smooth I still can't believe it. A couple weeks before I left to Cancun I requested a different coordinator because of all the bad reviews I had read on Flora. I was told that Diana wasn't available that day so Flora will remain my coordinator. I was so nervous, I assigned all my sisters and friends a tast - Just in case. There was no need for anyone to do anything. Flora took care of it all and was so sweet about it. The day of the wedding was super windy. Our wedding reception was scheduled to take place in the outer part of the Albatroz Terrace. When I went to go get my mani and pedi done I stopped by Flora's office and asked if the reception could be moved to the upper portion of the terrace because of the wind. She said it was a good idea since the back wall will block some of the wind. She smiled and used her radio to tell the guys about the change. No fuss or anything. She then asked me to stop by her office once I was done with my hair so she can come up with me and grab the center pieces and maracas from my room. I was done with my hair at 1:30pm (ceremony started at 4pm). By 2pm Flora was at the door with a group of guys picking up the stuff. I tried to help and she said for me to relax and enjoy my day. She didn't let me lift a finger. Saul, who is the head manager at Maria's restaurant was with her and is just as pleasant to work with. Such a nice guy. My girl friend later told me that while my hubby and I were away for pics during the cocktail hour, Flora asked her a couple times if everything was okay and if anyone needed anything. Honestly Ladies, she made my wedding a stress free event for us all. When we met her she kept saying if we think of anything to please call her. I called her once after our meeting and she was helpful and sweet.
  5. I sent my WC an email today asking her to change me to Diana. I haven't read any reviews on her, but I figured she couldnt' be worse than Flor!!!
  6. Does anyone have a review on Diana? I'm so nervous. I have Flora and my wedding is in 4 weeks!
  7. Hi Emily! I just booked Photos in Cancun. They have great reviews and their work looks great. They are also inexpensive!!! When is your wedding?
  8. Hi debi! I have a couple pictues of the Albatros Terrace if you would like me to email them to you. I am getting married at the Gran Caribe in March 2011:) Let me know.
  9. Hi Ladies: Getting married at the GCR in March 2011 and wanted to know what the food is like. I haven't come across any food reviews. Our wedding coordinator gave us to choose from shrimp, steak and fish for the reception. Not sure which to go with. Any recommendations? Â Also, does anyone recommend any finger foods for the cocktail hour? One last thing, we are getting an open bar, do they offer GOOD liquor. My FI is afraid of getting cheap alcohol. I don't know how that's possible, but figured I'd ask:) Â Thanks!!!!
  10. Hi carmresu! My wedding coordinator sent me a few pics of the Albatros terrace. I'm not sure how to post them on the website, but if you send me your email address I'll be more than happy to forward them along. p.s. one thing to keep in mind is that I'm being told, depending on the day, the terrace can get very windy. Â -Cassie Â
  11. Any word on quality? I'm debating whether I should book hair and makeup with the salon or... actually, I don't have an or! lol!
  12. Hi Norma! thats great to hear. Little by little, it's all coming together. I'm so excited.
  13. Hello. Did you get a response to your DJ question? I'm getting married at the GCR in March of 2011 and not sure if we will get a dj.
  14. Getting married at the Gran Caribe Real in March 2011. We have reserved the Catholic Chapel and the terrace above the Albatros restaurant. I have never been to the resort so I'm super nervous. Â I've been working with Angie. She is super nice, but hard to get a hold of. Really makes me nervous.
  15. Hi! Your review makes me feel so much better. I'm getting married at the Gran Caribe early next year and I am super nervous as we are not visiting the site before the wedding. We're having a catholic wedding and just been super skepical. We've never been there and the wedding planner we got is so hard to reach and takes forever to answer my questions. Really makes me nervous. Write back after your wedding. I would love to hear the details! thanks, Cassie
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