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Charmaine what very sad tragic news for you your parents and dear brother and girlfriend.She will get the care and support whilst at the hospital the midwifes will be upset aswell (ive worked in maternity) nothing anyone can say will take the pain away.I hope it all happens quickly bless her xxxxxxxx



Nicy a bloody week girl yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get that planning thread up now!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe



Michelle bad news with the computer make sure you do somink i didnt do :( keep one of everything i have nothing although my mum has two pashminas lol i found them while looking for her pjs when she was in hospital


Flying visit, work awaits catch up proberly soon


Happy happy stress free shopping and planning girls xxx

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Hi girls


Just wanted to say thanks for all your kind words and sorry that I wrote it on here, but I just didn't know where else to turn and needed to get it off my chest.  I know it's not nice to read about something like that but thank you.  I just spoke to my brother and he had a cry yesterday and got it all out, he said he is feeling better today.  They have booked a week away to Turkey just to have some rest and get away from it all.  His girlfriend is coping pretty well at the moment so I hope they come through it stronger. 


My bridesmaid dresses were delivered yesterday all 8 of them lol...I know its a bit soon to get them but the girls loved them and the lady told me she was discontinuing them soon so we took a chance.  4 of my bridesmaids are a perfect fit, they have not changed size for the last 5 years so doubt they will in the next year.  the other 4 of my bridesmaids have ordered sizes slightly smaller in the hope that they will fit into them by the wedding...I have told them that we are going to have bi-monthly dress fittings for the rest of this year and then monthly from next year so they had better get their butts into gear...lol


The dresses are gorgeous i'll try and find a picture for you.


I put on my FB status yesterday that the dresses have come in and about 1/2 hour later Waynes cousin put on her FB status 'when i get married i'm going to have both sides of the family involved in the planning not just the brides....so haaaa'!!


I didn't take much notice first of all and then thought omg i think that's directed at me...I then started to get upset and said to Wayne it's going to look so bad because 7 out of the 8 bridesmaids are from my side of the family as are the 3 flower girls and 2 out of 3 of the page boys. 


I don't know what to do because I don't just want anybody being bridesmaids i want the people closest to me.


For my bridesmaids i've got, my daughter, my sister (moh), waynes sister, my 2 cousins (who are as good as sisters), my cousins daughter, and my 2 best mates.


For flowergirls i've got my 3 nieces and for page boys i've got my 2 nephews and waynes nephew.


Is it wrong that they're all from my side...if Wayne would have had more sisters, nieces, nephews etc then of course we would of had them too but he doesn't and i can't help that i have more of them.


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Char we are all hear to listen, dont be silly, you can talk to us about anything. I do ha ha! You will go insane if you can't get it off your chest and sometimes its easier telling us than ppl we are close too x I hope time is a healer and maybe the holiday will be good for them x


Ooo i can't wait to see you BM dresses i bet they are gorg! How lovely! 


Listen as you put on your FB status. You are NEVER gonna please everybody! Sod em!! Its YOUR wedding! I can see why you took it personal and maybe it was nothing to do with your wedding but i understand how you feel. You shouldn't feel bad though. And shouldn't feel you have to explain to anyone...... You have included Wayne's family... you have got both sides involved. Take it with a pinch of salt. Some ppl should keep their opinions to themselves. Its your wedding and nobody should question it. End of! :o


I have similar... i didn't ask FI's sister to be BM and now i'm the outcast in his family. Me and his mum haven't spoken in 15mths now! Its a bloody joke! Its an even bigger joke she is coming on my hen, we dont talk... WTF is she doing? 


It really wound me up yest. MIL has Scarlett once a fortnight on a tues afternoon for dinner.. she kicked up a fuss about having her and when it comes round she can't be bothered. Not only do i have Scarlett kicking and holding onto me for dear life when i drop her off and physically have to peel her off me which breaks my heart but the b**ch of a MIL doesn't even come to door. We can't stand each other.. Everytime i drop her off she has someone else there to entertain Scarlett whether its his ex with her kids or his cousin and her little boy. What about quality time with your grandaughter? Makes me sick and FI can't see it. Yest my mum dropped her round there cos my car is out of action and she had to go through the howling and holding on for dear life which upset her. To add insult MIL weren't even there. FIL answered the door and MIL was out shopping with her mate he had to ring her to say Scarlett was there....it infuriates me it really does. Once a bloody fortnight and she can't even be bothered then. But infront of everyone else she is as nice as pie!!! Odd odd woman!! I just wish FI could see it!! 


Sorry for the rant girls, i've bored you all again ha ha x

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Thanks Michelle, sometimes I don't know what I would do without you girls to listen to me...I don't know what i'm going to do when it's all over, we must stay in touch.  Aarrrrggghhh what is wrong with these bloody MIL she sounds like she just kicked up a fuss for show, I mean she is not even there when Scarlett get drops off, no wonder she is kicking and screaming she probably has no bond with the woman what so ever...ooooh it makes my blood boil...anyway it's her loss hun, she's the one that is missing out xx


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hey girls, long time no speak! my computers been playin up and the posts on here arent typing properly so i've tried a couple of times to write but then i've given up! it was my hen do last weekend we went to leeds and had such a good time! :) how are you all dhow are you all doing? hope your feelin better char and glad your on the mend too michelle!
we go to mexico 2 weeks on friday woohooooo got our tickets yesterday!

nicy i bet you are beside yourself with excitement now! we collect the bridesmaids dresses on sat and then my dress on tuesday! time is really ticking fast now!









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