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  1. Rachael, Its isn't long for me at all. Fly in less than 3 weeks and no where near sorted. I had booked a few days off to get everything sorted but my mom has become very ill so spent all my time looking after her. They have had to cancel coming to Mexico so been an emotional couple of weeks and it has thrown my plans out a little bit!!! Ive got to the point now of not caring about the planning as long as me and the future husband are there i am sure it will be fine!!!! I'm not ordering centre pieces or attempting to take them with me. Think i will order some lanterns and table runners from the planner when we get there or see what other options are available. Kerry
  2. Hi, Bet your so exicted about getting married next year. I get married this year on the 11th April at the Azul Sensatori, Mexico. Only 6 weeks to go!!!!
  3. TK, Azul sensatori and Azul Fives are different hotels. If you go onto the Karisma web page it will show the difference between the two. Azul Fives is a newer hotel so there is less information available on that hotel. Both look wonderful! Difficult to decide between. Happy picking. Kerry
  4. Would love to hear how it goes especially the Spoons dinner as that is what im planning to do x
  5. Hi, Ive booked the Spoons meal for our wedding day. Ive got about 19 guests so it felt right. Ive been told that the menu is set and cannot change but they provide personalised menus. Its in a curtained off area of the restaurant. Hope that helps. Kerry
  6. I asked the same question. The script wasn't ideal but i have been told that we cannot alter the script or order at all. If i wanted to add readings by family then they would have to be added in at the end. Apparently the legal ceremony is very strict!!
  7. Your sounding very well planned. Ive ordered the dress, veil and head piece. Suit purchased and AHR booked. Im in the process of trying to decide on welcome bags and accessories. The purchasing is never ending!!!!
  8. Congrats Deniden. HAve u had it planned for a while?
  9. Congrats Kazala. I get married there April 2012 so will let u know how it goes x
  10. Thanks for all the support. Its nice to hear that others have had similar problems. At least i don't have to worry about the bridesmaid dress now!!! Think i'm going to ask a couple of friends to get ready with me. And gonna have a girly sleep over the night before the wedding. I'm sure it will be fine. I'm gonna do OOT bags also. Ordered the bags just got to decide what to put in them!!! x
  11. I have to admit i've gone a bit slow on the wedding planning!! Following getting the dress and the first essential bits of planning i've not done much!!! Still trying to decide on veil or no veil!! I'm now having no bridesmaid due to my bridesmaid letting me down hugely and feeling it was too late to ask anyone else and not wanting to make them feel like second choice!! My spoon meal is booked. I've got the ceremony at 3pm and the meal at 6.30pm. I want to do pictures in between and will go to one of the bars for cocktails. I'm using Claudia Photo Erick Rodriguez. Really need to get back into the planning. I think the stress over the bridesmaid issue has made me slow down a little. How are you doing? Kerry x
  12. There is also the teen disco that turns into an adult disco later on. Choices for dancing the night away. x
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