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Well I met Aaron 2 years ago when I was 17. At that time he was my dentists associate. He asked me out not knowing my age he assumed I was older because at the time I was a junior in college. He waited till I turned 18 and he asked me out. Yeah I met my fiance at a dentists office thats romantic...not.


Well two weeks ago he proposed to me. Yeah well at least this time nothing involed a dentists office. He proposed to me at the Alantis resort in Bahmas...now that is at least romantic.

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Wow, an engagement in the Bahamas?! Did I read that right?! It sounds very romantic... especially compared to getting asked out in your dentist's office! lol. Congratualtions!!! So, do you plan to go back to the same resort to get married? Or do you have another location in mind?

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