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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Christa My husband will die when he sees there is a 2nd season of this show. couldn't have said it better, Christa!!! My dh would walk in & roll his eyes last season . . . I totally missed it last night!!! *POUT* I'll have to dvr it for next week unless I can catch it on in Jamaica - Ya think LOL!
  2. to the forum . . . you'll love it here. Lots of great information to be gathered from all these helpful ladies & gents!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  3. The guy that did Angela's (cheese_diva) was really good . . . you may want to pm her for details.
  4. to the forum . . . Rivera Maya is a gorgeous setting for a dw!! June will be hot, but don't let that stop you . . . you'll find lots of great resources here. Happy planning . . . Robin
  5. to the forum . . . you've definetely come to the right place for help in planning your wedding.
  6. WOW, the ROR group is steadily increasing in #'s!! Congrats & welcome to the board . . . Happy planning! Robin
  7. Welcome to the forum . . . Vegas is awesome!!! Red Rock which is off the strip is great!!!!
  8. I'm shooting a wedding in Old San Juan in June for another BDW member . . . wedding is at The Gallery Inn - which by the photos looks phenominal!!!
  9. So you already had paid her & now she's decided that she doesn't do weddings?? That is really not good business . . .
  10. I'm so excited that I get to meet Jenn & Sam on Thursday!!! I've only talked with her by phone & email, so can't wait!!! I'll put some teasers up as soon as I can.
  11. Welcome to the forum . . . you'll get lots of useful information from the brides here as you plan your dream dw!!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  12. Yari - your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks great on you!
  13. Key West seems like an awesome location. No real help that I could provide, just wanted to say hi & congrats!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  14. to the forum . . . you've come to the right place to gather some really great info!!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  15. to the forum . . . lots of great info to be found here!!!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by gwynemark So dreams Tulum does not charge a fee for you to bring an outside photog? Thats good to know. That place is really nice, you will love it. I shot Calayx6's dw there in November & no fees other than my room for a few nights.
  17. I was just fixing to do a search on this . . . leaving on the 2nd for a wedding & wasn't sure if I needed to get any type of converter or not. Thanks for the info!!!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Raeka OK so I went to dafont and got one I really like. It's fancy but soft. if that makes sense.... I also changed the font color to yellow. I love the yellow lettering!!! The scriptina font looks great as well! I'm a little partial to the photos . . .
  19. Hi Samantha - to the forum . . . you'll find tons of useful information from all the past brides & brides-to-be here. Happy planning . . . Robin
  20. to the forum!!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  21. CONGRATS!!!! I just read your blog & it had me tearing up - that is so awesome that you caught that shot!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  22. to the forum!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  23. to the forum. You've definetely come to the right place in search of information for your dw. These ladies here have some great ideas to make your wedding "you"! Happy planning . . . Robin
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